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Magic (Ooh, ooh)

Sometimes a win is the kind of win where you just don't have words for it...


Yeah, like trying to talk about it somehow lessens it.




I think Farrell said about all one could say: "In a word, magical."


Absolutely. I mean if a unicorn farting rainbows had appeared on the field aftah that it wouldn't have surprised me.


A unicorn ridden by the Rhubarb Lady.


And the unicorn's name is Ditka.



Is this nuts, or what?
I have to wonder how the equipment guys feel about Jonny Gomes' introduction of uni shredding, nowadays...

This is what the mfys used to to do to us. Feels good. Real good. And I was bored enough to keep watching long enough to witness the whole thing.

That win was Houdini and Penn and Teller and that creepy Copperfield guy all rolled up into one. It felt like the Red Sox went over to the Seattle dugout and said, "Is THIS your card?"

Most enjoyable regular season game since the "Mother's Day Miracle" win against Baltimore.

Bob's comment wins the Internet for today.

Agreed. Bob should maybe try advertising or something...

Bob is on another level. And there's a beer cart on that level.

Bob - don't get too full of yourself. You still have 6 meetings today before the beer cart rolls in.

huzzah, Bob.

mfys are more like Tony Wonder.

My ears were burning, and now I see why.

Don't worry,yazbread, I won't get a big head. It's already a hat size 8; any bigger and they'll have to drill three holes in it.

Almost forgot, anyone else enjoy the event that was paps blowing a save on the same day as our religion forming double walk off day? AND him getting booed off the field? That boy jus don know win ta shut his piehole.

so Bob, you're saying your head would be Colon-like?

not suggesting anything there

I use HGH, but only for porn shoots. (Writing those scripts takes real endurance.)

The good news about having a huge box of Lulu's cupcakes in the office kitchen? They're delicious. The bad news? After having four, I feel like I ate Lulu.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Eating Lulu?? Now that would take some REAL endurance ;D

A little fishy?

A bearded clam cupcake?

Fishy, Fishy...
"Hey lame brain, catch some fish!"
"Here fishy, fishy, fishy.."
"Shaddap an' get to woik (turns attention to Larry) Whaddare you doin?"
"Trying to catch some fish. What are you doin?"
"Get to woik, I'm in charge here!"

I got my picture taken with Ditka today. True!

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