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Lasting memory

If you're keeping track at home, that's come from behind win numbah 30 on the season.


Yeah, so Al's probably the only one with a sense of disappointment ovah last night's outcome.


Wait, what?


Well, Al, aftah Cahp's 8th inning heroics, you're no longah the king of the pinched floatah.


Yeah, well, you know what they say, you're only as good as your last at bat...


And I'm going to Indo-Chinese place for lunch.


Oh, God help us.


That's right. The forecast is for heat with a chance of chick pea.



Ok, they sort of have me hooked, now. Also, I think they are at my predicted wins for the year.


Yeah, yaz, what were the predictions? Who's looking likely? Enjoying the hell out of this team, and especially looking forward to a Sox Yanks game in the Legends Suite at Yankee Stadium on the 6th with sdu!

I think I picked 92 wins, and y'all mocked me for it.

You humans irritate me. I said the Sawx would win 90 events. Now, where is my butler? I want more liver snaps, not excuses.
The Chairman should keep his yap shut. I am not Waylon Smithers or Ben Cherington, for that matter.

Let's sign Darla Holloway to a five year contract.
Buck, wipe than frown off of your face.

yea, darla, awesome stuff... and a moment please for the third-base coach, who gets hammered when things go wrong but forgotten when he makes a key play like he did yesterday on pedroia's game-tying hit...

Prediction update. With last night's win, Betsy in Rhode Island and Kinyah fell by the wayside. Cmdrflake dropped off earlier with a prediction of 75. BWF is the next victim at 79 wins. COD and Redsoxnumba1 both predicted 92 wins. Sox need to go 13 and 15 to hit 92 exactly. Second best record with 28 games to go. I do not foresee a chicken and beer collapse this year.

What did I say, yb? I cannot remember....

Natalie - 83. Your time will come.

Ouch, I was pessimistic. Damn my skeptical eyes!

Nat, at the time you made that prediction, we thought the team was going to replicate 2012. Who, aside from COD and Redsoxnumbah1 could see the team not sucking.

I favored "69". But perhaps it was "96"?

Carpe diem! ...too easy ;)

I thought I put in an optimistic prediction based on blind faith. Also, very excited to be making plans with Natalie in NYC for NEXT Friday. YAY!!!

For the local,s don't forget rendezvous with Buckner, Harwich and I on Friday 13th before the Yankees (suck) game

woo hoo sdu

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