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Happy Labor Day Weekend

No sweep, but no complaints.


A 2.5 game lead going into the Labor Day weekend? Yeah, I'll take it.


I do feel badly for Papi though. I mean there are slumps and then there are slumps.


You know there's nothing wrong with the big guy that a call from the guy who reports to the guy who reports to Putin couldn't cure.


If Putin wants you to hit, you'll hit.


Miley Cyrus once twerked Putin, and suddenly and inexplicably tween girls all ovah America began to call to their teddy bears "Medved."



Hopefully Monday we'll have Bob to yak about...or Tuesday ;D

I'm laboring over a sales strategy presentation today. Happy 3 day weekend and don't yak after drinking too much this weekend.

May we win the Battle of the Laundry. have a fun and safe weekend, fellow creeps.

Bravo!!! Can't stop laughing. Putin did fire the whole Russian Olympic Committee after the awful performance at the Vancouver Olympics, so I wish he would give Papi a call to fix the slump.

At least no more Orsillo and Castiglione saying "Mashado" for a while. Who's next, Shea Guevara?

No more Remdog either.

Last night's performance bothered me a bit, but they couldn't hit an average pitcher. Papi needs his head cleared, its evident he's pressing. It was tough putting up with Bob Costas and Jim Kaat, nice enough human being, but oi vei! Their love of the MFYs spoiled the game. Even with Eck, Don would have been preferable. To the few cable systems that have SAP: Offer each team's version of the game, so I don't listen to two MFY fans doing a Sox game.
Ahem, my Butler is required. Go get me those liver snaps!

Is Macy's or Bloomingdales the best place to buy undies?

Next time you are forced into bad play by play during a Sox os game, turn to the orioles broadcast. More often than not it's Gary thorne and Jim palmer. They ain't bad. Homers of course, but knowledgeable and genuinely excited for good play even when the other team does it.

Plus Jim Palmer can advise you on buying underwear.

And there is that. A very helpful fellow is Jim.

Back. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. Or Tuesday.

Missed you,ya big lug.

Palmer and Thorne are both ESPN exiles, as I recall.
Hey! our Sox beat their Sox. And in honor of Labor Day weekend, it's raining in Mudville.

mrs sdu went with david jones* for father's day, so you'all can stop worrying about the underwear dilemma

4 more sleeps, big 'plane. yay


I'm playing with house money now, baby!

Sweep and a 5.5 game lead. Enjoy your Labor, fellow US creeps. Survive Monday, everyone else.

2.5 going in, 5.5 coming out. hard not to get excited.

Labor Day. My gym is closed and there is no strip. Ugh.

and the sox lose. And this rain is making it impossible to paint this house b/f I return to Ja. Ugh. I am blind and my dog is dead.

"I am blind and my dog is dead" !!! I remember that cartoon - National Lampoon?
Thanks, urm!

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