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Half-swollen gourd

I know, I know, in the final week of August 2011 the Red Sox looked pretty good.


But I still hold that I feel bettah about this team than I did that one.


I mean even before beer-and-chicken-gate at least for me there was always a feeling that there was something, I dunno just something "off" about that team that foreshadowed the Septembah collapse.


I agree.


We hear the full-grown lambs loud bleat.


And stand by the cidah press, with patient look.*



In 2011 somebody should have put Beckett's half swollen gourd in a press. Just sayin' ;D

Like this link... something was off


should be:


Thanks for the strip....

Thanks, vasoxfan. Fixed.

September has been, traditionally a month of upset and sometimes sudden change. We'll see what this team is made of. Now, if they can get Buchhy back and effective and better showings from Lester than we've seen of late then, y'know they might do fine.
I am enjoying the MFY's slide of late. Perhaps it very well could be their time for an autumnal crash. ;-0! The Rays are slipping on the fresh wax as well...

MFYs at 8% to make playoffs and the buzz around here is that Fat Phranchise Hughes is getting dropped from the rotation. With the whole lineup back they can't even keep whining about injuries.

Rays had a nice start to that rough part of their schedule last night.

Keats, some massively rotund human (?), swollen gourds, and baseball...that's what makes this site the best.

Just a random drive-by thanks, HB.

We will find out after smug Buck leaves if our gourd is half swollen or half flaccid.
We need at least another 2 out of three to scare away ghosts.

why not? also, give money to the JF, if only to keep "guests" off the broadcast past tonight.



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