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Driving a Skoda

You know, so many times ovah the years my default position on the Red Sox has been a general sense of foreboding and doomsaying and seeing things in the worst possible light.


Yet this season, just the opposite seems to be the case. I mean they go 4-6 on this road trip, have lost 5 of the last 7, and end the trip with consecutive one run losses and yet I'm as bullish about the club as I've evah been.


Paht of it I think is that they still hold the division by 2 games.


And paht of it I think is that the games they lost always seemed to be winnable.


They were just out of reach.


Yeah, on this trip the Sox were like Oprah in a Swiss handbag boutique.


Let me be clear, that clerk acted stupidly.


Seriously, if the President had an oldah sistah, and she was fat, that could be her fercrissakes.


If Oprah were a citizen of Russia, this wouldn't have happened.


A rodeo clown once wore a Putin mask, and the bulls neutered themselves.



I have the solution to all of this: A Day of Rage.

Hysterical last panel, hb! I wish I shared the optimism. The rotation worries me. When the Lacken is your most reliable starter, a long playoff run does not seem to be in the cards.

Those of us who recall 2011 are nervous. We have been here before only to see the collapse of collapses, exceeding the crash of 1978.

I should clarify: initial theme of strip isn't confidence in deep playoff run, just general day to day happiness with the team despite going 4-6 and having the Yankees and an even tougher road trip coming up next.

Did anyone else know that Jerry Remy's son murdered his girfriend?


Roid rage-just sayin'

Maybe he just got really mad at the Amica Pitch Zone.

That, and a general inability to acknowledge that his dad is the famous one and he's basically amounted to nothing but a leech on the family name

Buenos noches Jared.

I have to say I worry about the pitching also. We have good middle-relief and a "Who would have thought it?" closer in Uehara, but we don't have even one overwhelming starter. I love these Red Sox. Night after night Gomes, Ortiz, Pedroia, Nava, even Napoli make late-inning heroics. But I don't know whether middle relief and magical finales can be depended on to get us far into the post-season. Fingers crossed but ... Don in NH.

15 criminal cases and an inactive restraining order, and he walks out on personal recognizance after an assault charge?

It must be nice to be the deadbeat son of somebody famous.

stuff like that makes me ill.


I'm gonna split you creeps early today. Have a looong meeting it a few minutes. Plus, I'm going out to California to visit some old college chums. Two weeks. I may check in if the sun isn't shining, the orange juice is stale, and the women aren't beautiful.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Uh oh... Bob's gonna be living the Rattlife

Dude's got it figured out.

How do you think Obama got elected? Right guys and gals like that. There are just enough people like that to keep electing more Obamas! That's like the business model for the Miami Marlins, Mudville Bills, Detroit Lyins, Toronto Maple Laffs, New Orleans Whatever they are, Portland Snail Blazers, Get it?

It all about the team.

A "commanding" 2 game lead ;D

hysterical last several panels. Thank you for a good start to my working Sunday HB.

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