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Don’t call me sweetheart, honeybun

And just like that we're back in first...


And by "just like that" I mean, of course, 15 innings ovah the course of 5 hours and 3 minutes.


And why do I get the feeling this won't be the last time we uttah something similah ovah the next 2 months?


Absolutely. This thing could very well come down to the difference between winning and losing a single a game.


Hello, Jake Peavey.


I'm cautiously optimistic on the one hand...


But on the othah hand if I see Jose Iglesias playing short in the World Series, well, let's just I'll be going total rhubarb lady.



Ah, she's just another Obama voter.
If Iggy gets to the World series, I would have already moved on to the Police Blotter Football League, and not notice.

I don't know how you find these videos hb, but that was awesome! Oh yeah, and the walk off win was cool too.

I stayed up for the win last night. Or this morning. And that video is so f-ing great. "This is common alley property, bitch!"

There's nothing as wholesome as rhubarb pie served with a soupcon of irate profanity.

Was at a bar following the last couple of innings of the Red Sox marathon, then they switched to the Yankees-Dodgers game. I found myself rooting only for the second time in recent memory for the MFY's. They are too far back to be a direct threat at the moment, and SOMEONE has to derail the Dodgers before they get any farther ahead of the World Chumpion Giants!

J. Farrell could attend Rhubarb U. for a little of this training. Umpire Jerry Meals continues to look terrible out there. Both ways, granted, but still this would be a lot more fun than instant replay. Bitch!

We begin to enter that part of the season where this collective creepy readership begins scoreboard watching as pre-season predictions are re-examined. The first to go will be SAC with a prediction of 69-93. With a current record of 65-44, a finish of 4 and 49 seems unlikely. That would require an awful lot of chicken and beer. Or the Zombie Apocalypse.

I stayed up watching it on Gameday while doing editing. So I was paid to watch the Sox win. That is an arrangement I approve of.

Jack Peavy?

//Jack Peavy//

Sigh. Thanks for sending a private email rather than hanging me out in public for a typo. Cuz that would really suck.

(At least I stopped typing "Jacob" Ellsbury at some point. So there's that.)

If there is a typo it's usually the first comment. I'm shocked it lasted until 3 PM. The creeps are getting slack. In fact, I googled to make sure his real name wasn't actually Jack before I said something.


I blame the rhubarb lady.

Jack Peavy would be a prisoner in Leavenworth, who'd be let out to deal with a terrorist holding a day care/ youth programming center run by the Obama Youth corps,(Formerly acorn) who also happens to have been a maverick within the Physics department at "EMT", for advocating a thermo neutron bomb the size of his ding a ling, which is a hint as to where the bomb is. Like we needed to know that. And he is still bothered by the bitch who told him to lay off her rhubarb patch, which made him seek revenge on the world.

hb and COD and Jack = best chuckle of the day.

I was thinking at about the 3 minute mark that it was watering time for the rhubard. Oh my that woulds been a sight.

just don'
t call him anustart


Well. How about that?

Pretty sweet! :) I'm loving this team.

Felix Hernandez must have let out a "rhubarb lady" like tirade directed at the bullpen.

sweet jumping mother humper - but if that was not too much fun what is?

Red Sox rally from 7-2 in the bottom of the 9th to beat the Mariners. This is a repeat from 04/10/1998

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