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Dog on DL (Updated 08/14)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
[Update] Thanks so much for all the well wishes for Charlie the dog. He was able to come back home last night. Barium tests showed no sign of foreign object blockage. I have to take him back to the vet this morning for a check and, if things are good, have his IV catheter removed. It is inconclusive as to what caused his symptoms. All's well that ends well, though. Which, by the way, seems to be kind of a theme with this come from behind Red Sox club.


Your omniscient author in absentia:
[Previous] Got home from work yesterday to find a very ill dog. Ended up taking him to the emergency 24/7 hospital where they kept him overnight. Then over to regular vet this morning for more tests and possible surgery. Looks like intestinal blockage. Needless to say, I don't feel much like baseball talk just now.



Best wishes to you both,h.b.

Poor dog. Wishing him the best.

Best wishes with the dog. We've dealt with intestinal blockages with the horse twice. You don't want to know how they clear a horse out.

Paging Dr.Fisto

Good luck h.b. We've dealt with that problem - a neighbor kid's superball. Dogs will eat anything...

Best of luck. Hoping for good news.

COD- agreed. We have horses and that's how we make soup for the neighhhhbors we don't like.

And not to make light of the poor dog, but it seems our team has a bit of intestinal blockage as well. HB, you are writing real life again.

Poor you guys. Thoughts with you and the pooch, hb.

Chairman Meow is strangely silent today.


i'm so sorry - hope your Dog gets better. i know how this feels and hate it too.

my best to your family


Lisa - you should put more fiber in your diet. :)

Good luck with the pooch. My daughter works at a vet and they are so much better at treating these ailments now.
Johnny Pesky...you are looking down at a team you would love.

I hope your dog is on the mend. Lots of ear scratches and belly rubs for your pooch.

dog loves you, too.


Prayers, thoughts and best wishes for your canine friend. And you, too.

good puppy thoughts from Australia

Maybe this is the explanation?

The Chairman knows of dogs. They are too noisy and gauche for his taste. He likes his shrimp, preferably cold, and a day or two old, for that unique essence he loves.
The Sox won for hb's friend. It took a while. I had a shot of single malt toasting hb's friend in need following the final out. Cheers.

Great news on Charlie. Dogs rock, I have never come home from work and have a Dog say "We need to talk about us"

That's great news h.b. An extra treat for Charlie when he feels up to it ;)

Good for Charlie!

And for Victorino.

Glad to hear Charlie is doing better. Though I'm sure he will be happy to lose the E-collar.

@PhilC, yeah coming home from work to a dog wagging its tail and happy to see you is the best.

Well at least he did not have to face the doggie death panel.

I can get it about a friendly greeting. All I get is: You back from your foolishness, human? Charlie likely feels better than most Rays fans (tee hee)this AM!

Glad to hear the good news hb!!

Great news on the pup! As someone who has dealt with a 4 day, near death ICU visit for intestinal stuff (5 years ago) and a cancer scare (this winter) with her big brown baby (aka love of my life), I know how emotionally wrenching it is. But the relief when they are better/fine is like being drunk, don't you think? When Tess' biopsies came back negative this January I was grinning goofily at and saying hi to strangers on the streets of Manhattan. I am lucky they didn't shoot me full of Thorazine and put me in a padded cell...

Watched a bunch of Sox last week when up in New England. Knock on wood and all that superstitious crap, but I think they have it. There's a chemistry you can palpably feel- it's fun, and reminiscent of the old Dirt Dogs. Enjoying the hell out of this season....

Yes, feels so so good to have him back. And you wouldn't think seeing your dog eat and then poop would ever seem so miraculous.

Maybe Charlie drank a lot of dark beer and ate most of the cheese cubes on the platter? This one time I... Well... Just a thought.

This could be one of THOSE seasons for Brady. Is Tom channeling his inner Clay Buchholz?

Happy day for Charlie! Glad to hear the good news, HB.

Maybe the Naps should go see your vet - there seems to be an obstruction in his swing.

I hate to say it and I am sorry about your dog, but I have checked in here a few times over the past two years (after at one period checking in daily from 2008-2010) and there's been a "Not posting today" message everytime. Just coincidence I guess.

For my money hb can not post any time he feels like it. The level of enjoyment I get from checking in daily far outweighs the occasional missed strip. I for one cannot imagine my having the creativity to produce even a single strip, never mind daily.

If you had checked in hourly, every weekday, for the last 9 years, you would have had a difference experience.

Check in? You people don't leave Soxaholix open in a tab 24 X 7?

Nobody else has a Soxaholix tattoo, Soxaholix Franklin Mint coin collection, and Soxaholix commemorative HB action figure? (It has CHB's face, to maintain the anonymity.)

They were supposed to be CHB all the way but the Globe's check bounced.

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