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Time marches on

Does it mean I'm old that I no longah find any pleasure in the homerun derby?


I dunno, I think all these "am I old" inflection points are relative...


For example, I used to think it would mean I'm old when I found the kids' music unlistenable.


Then I thought it would mean I'm old when I curbed impulse buying to focus on my retirment savings.


Now I'm completely convinced that I'm not really old until a minah fall leads to a broken hip.


Yeah, and then when you fall and break your hip you'll be all "Hey, at least I'm still walking you non-ambulatory old mothafuckahs!"


Exactly. And then when I can no longah walk I'll be thinking I won't really be old until my frozen head has been at Arizona cryonics facility for a couple decades waiting to be unfrozen and reattached to a robot body.


Our resplendence is nevah quiet.



Dr. Mister once told me that most old people don't fall and break their hips. Their hips break and then they fall. Brittle bones, don't ya know.

Wonder if the competition would have more validity if the pitcher was on the mound, not at BP distance. It won't get Bud Selig into the hall of fame. He does NOT belong there, he will not be there if there is justice in the jungle, clones.
I feel the French have it right: 55 should be retirement age, never mind how it gets paid for.

The correct term is jaded I think. Not old. Don't equate boredom with the derby to loss of frothy stream.

mrs sdu bought me some trousers where the legs were too long. I wore the bottoms rolled. And I thought: TS Elliot was a dick.

I personally loved watching Yankee-garbed fans dance to Sweet Caroline, completely without irony. And Mariano got the Ted Williams MVP award!

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