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The first half tonic

So before planning any duck boat parades, don't forget to check the forecast...


According to the Elias Sports Bureau, only 50% of such teams leading their division at at the break actually won it out during the past five years, including just two of six teams last season.


Yeah, but I'm with Pinto: It's a Moneyball offense and the pitching is good enough for the offense. They should be in contention to the end.


The glass is definitely half-full.


Even bettah, the first half of the glass contained a heady potion that has pretty much erased last season from my memory.


Wait, what happened last season.





And on top of it all, the break is really late this year. The Sox are actually 16 games past the mid-point.

The Chairman, who uses cat years to calculate his age, warns that the post-all star game period constitutes a very different mindset than the first 90+/- games.
We need an effective Lester, a healthy Buchholz and Lackey in his new/old mindset.
I smell a move, perhaps to get a starter/ long reliever to replace Flaky 'Fredo. Who is an unrestricted free agent if he requests to be one.

Winning cures all. Except priapism.

Best part of last season? Shipping our malcontents to LA.

I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!

Heh. Flaky Fredo.

"Can I go fishing with Uncle Fredo?"
"Not Today..."

Leave Fredo,take the cannolli ;O

Did we slip below .500 last night?? LOL

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