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Summer Holiday (Days 8 and 9 of 10)

The Soxaholix are on holiday and will return July 15, 2013 …

Lisa the Temp:
The best offices to temp in are the ones where nobody likes anybody else.


Lisa the Temp:
There is this one office I go to where the people the animous is so profound that nobody talks to anybody else.


Lisa the Temp:
And they use me to convey messages between then.


Lisa the Temp:
I like to reinterpret the messages.


Lisa the Temp:
Hillarity ensues.



Ah, Lisa, too bad the sports media missed out on your talents.
The Sox have found a team that is more adept at blowing leads than they are, and that took some doing...
Who do we pick on now that Aceves is down?

"Lisa, can you tell Clay to get his ass back to work?"

"Clay, Farrell wants to work your ass."

So this explains a lot:

Farrell after Dice-K has loaded the bases on walks: "Throw strikes, damn it!"
Temp Translator to Dice-K: "Farrell-san requests you throw the ball over the middle of the plate."

Posted before I finished...

Tito, five minutes later following 3 run triple and another walk:"Give me the f'ing ball!"
Temp Translator to Dice-K: "Francona-san thanks you for your efforts wishes you to take the rest of day off as reward."

I was happy with the temp we had in center field last night. Nice dinger JBJ :).

What the hell is this?

it's just all kinds of wrong, that's what it is Kaz

1. It never fails to amaze me how a douchebag (Bieber) will always satisfy the expectation of douchebaggery, even when there is ample evidence in the world for all to see regarding the definition of a douchebag.

2. I went to sleep soon after going up 6-5, then down 7-6... Woke up to 11-8. That, my friends, is morning wood.

Sox pitchers should warm up like this. Keep 'em limber;


Sorry Bob. Eddie Popowski still has my vote.

If this humidity doesn't break soon, they're going to find a pool of lipids on the floor around my chair.

Nice game last night. Congrats,Papi!

Viva Papi!

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