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Not bad for a Monday

Well, that'll teach the NSA to listen in on the dugout phone.


People tend to forget that "Go Big or Go Home" attitude applies to all things equally, including frustration.


And Papi certainly showed on Sunday the GBOGH from the othah side of things.


And speaking of lahgah than life, can you say "Yaz Statue"?


Christ is that the awesome or what?


"Last at bat." Works for me.


So Red Sox back in first and a statue for Yaz, now that's how to staht of a Monday.



I'm lobbying for a Srirachi statue on the corner across the street from gate B. It'll be interactive; push a button and a stream of the sauce will shoot out of the top, raining down spicy wonder on everyone below.

Oh, and a series win against the Orioles? The last time that happened, Obama was president.

I'd like to see a Berocca statue right next to the Sriraca one ;)

The Yaz statue should be a winner. I'm OK with Bob's Srirachi statue, but only if one has a sandwich or sausage to be spiced up.
"Mr Ortiz, this is Earnestine from the phone company concerning your brutal, vicious attack on one of our instruments...Yes I am aware you were pissed off, but that is NOT an excuse to abuse a defenseless instrument. Now, you owe us seriously, here..."

Nice that our $100M second baseman is not at the Lahey Eye Clinic this morning.

Or Mass Eye, Ear and plastic shard through the Brain.

Yaz statue is long overdue. He was my favorite player growing up in the 70's , was at the game when he hit homer #400 and this is just so right. You are right on hb, great way to staht the week!

First panel was great start to week! ("Excuse me, Mr. Ortiz? I have Agent B. Valentine for you on line 2.")

Watched on the TBS broadcast. Smoltz is toting a huge chip for the Sox on his shoulder.

...and the horse he rode in on ;D

If I may add one to the not bad for a monday list... Canseco called out slappy on twitter over the weekend and called him by name - "bitch tit".

With all 3 Yankees games in TV, one Rays game, and then all 3 Orioles games here in DC I feel like I've seen more Red Sox on TV in the last week than I have in years.

It helps that they won more than they lost!

RIP, Boomer

Farewell George. His second stint with the Sox came about because Cecil Cooper could not field all the crap that Hobson threw from third. One of those short sighted trades given the numbers that Cooper put up over the next ten years in Milwaukee.

Oh shit, G. Scott?
Oh shit, he was 71?
Oh shit, he was 69?

who to believe?

oh shit.

Last time I saw him was on some NESN blowjobathon for the RS. He was easily 5 bills. I guess he just wore out.


"I don't think that 'phones going to work any more". Nice.

Boomer was 69 years old, and 71 pounds per square inch.

Hittin' taters off the Pearly Gates :)

I believe it's called the Pearly Monster.

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