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George Scott, we tip our caps...

My grans loved George Scott, the Red Sox, and baseball, in that ordah.


Seriously, my mom called him "Scotty" as if he were one of the neighborhood kids playing wiffle aftah school.


I mean Boomah was that kind of 1 in a million playah, the kind of playah who makes you tune in just to see him play as if he's a membah of your own family.


So long childhood hero.


So long greatest fielding first baseman ever to wear Red Sox.


So long, long tatahs.



I can still see the "Boom Boom..." cover of Sports Illustrated in my head, 25+ years after I received it in the mail at age 8 or 9.

35 years. Sigh. I wish it was only 25...

I wonder what would have happened if Boomer hadn't slipped:


Edes at http://espn.go.com/boston/mlb/story/_/id/9520950/george-boomer-scott-died-feeling-some-resentment also says what needs to be remembered...

Quelle surprise!

One of my earliest Boomer memories came when he was playing for the Brewers between stints with the Sox. We were at Fenway and the Sox led the Brewers by 3 in the 8th, so my dad made us leave to "beat the traffic". Of course, Boomer hit a 3 run shot in the top of the 9th which we heard as we were walking to the car, then listened on the radio on the drive home and the Sox ended up losing in the 13th. That's the shit that happens when you try to beat the traffic. RIP Boomer.

Boomer was a very skilled player tat made plays at first look easy. Having seen Dick Stuart (Dr. Strangeglove)as a kid, I thought first was a tougher position that it was in fact. Ya made it look easy, Boomer. Say hi to Ballgame, unless he's bone fishing in which case shut up and cast gently, keeping your feet and ankles still.
The guy who followed him only was a hall of famer: Carl Yastremski. And now. You know. The rest.
The Story.

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