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Bill's feeling cheeky

Marty's apartment building:
[Phone Ringing]


One ringy dingy... two ringy dingies...


(Ah here we go...)

Knock, knock, Mahty!


I don't have time for games, Callaghan.


Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Juana who?

Juana help me find the Yankees offense?



You know I hope you have a dildo up your ass as some sort of bizarre reverse gooch for the jinx you just laid on the BoSux.


Wow, the vaunted Yankees fan is now relying on superstition. How quaint.


Do you need me to send a Haitian ovah with a chicken to do a Santeria dance for you?


I mean, anything has got to help when you can't hit, can't take walks, and are at the bottom of MLB in homahs, right?


Why don't you send someone ovah with a broom because I'm going to need it to sweep up after Sunday night's game.


Sure, I'll see if Abnah Louima is free.


Wow, Callaghan, you just stay classy over there.


♫ You're in four-orth. Clap Clap. ClapClapClap. ♪ You're in four-or-orth!



What do the Sox, O's and Rays have in common, besides the obvious...
One of the rare days I miss work, and dealing that gem to the MFY fans, there.

What makes this Yankees mediocrity in the face of a good Sox season so less-than-satisfying is that my Yanks fans friends all anticipated this being a shitty year for their team and aren't getting riled up enough for my enjoyment. A mildly irritated shrugged shoulder is just not as fun as foaming-mouthed rage. Sigh. #baseballfanproblems

Bill should worry about the Rays who closed 9-1 before the break and appear to be getting healthy.

The NYT had a nice article on the fruitbat's
retirement tour last Sunday.

Thank Gawd we still have good starting pitching...oh wait...;O

Excellent strip today,h.b.(as usual) ;)

Ha! I love it when Marty gets punked, gooches be damned.

Speaking of santaria and such, did you know that the guy in Major League who played voodoo- practicing Pedro Cerrano is Dennis Haysbert, the Allstate guy?

And the past president of these here United States (at least on the old 24 series, too...)

Oh yeah, and a hearty "F-U" to Mahty, too.

He fit as the Prez. But it freaked me out to see him as the voodoo man.

It's extra-super busy today, so I don't know if I can get out at the early summer Friday time. But I'm sure going to try.

Gonna do a slow soldier crawl to the back door. Wish me luck.

And have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Wow, HB, did you have a couple Manhattans with your wheaties this morning? Associating poor Louima with the MFY...

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