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And we're back...

Well, they say a a good vacation is ovah when you begin to yearn for your work, so by that measure my vacation is not really ovah.


So we go away for two weeks and when we come back it's the All Star Break.


Seriously, throw in a couple more weeks and some high speed rail and it'd be downright European.


You know, next summah vacation I'm going to an adults only spot...


I mean babies don't need a vacation, but I still see them at the beach... it pisses me off!


I'll go over to a little baby and say "What are you doing here? You haven't worked a day in your life!"


Well, time to go face the grindstone that is 2200 e-mails in the inbox.


It's easiah knowing the Sox were in first when you left on vacation and their in first when you returned from vacation.


You know what's even easiah? Select All. Delete.


GTD, bitches.



Looks like the creepy community managed just fine for two weeks.

BTW Al's "babies at the beach" riff today is taken from a Steven Wright monolog from back in the day.

Welcome back, HB. It's true, two weeks just isn't enough time. Neither is three. Or four. Or a year.

fortunately for our First Place Sox (tm, buy the T shirt) Steven Wright did not go on vacation last week too

welcome back, hb

The truly distressing part of returning from vacation is when it hits you: They IGNORED your work, and it is there, waiting for you. It's like getting the ball with the bases loaded behind you and you have a mystery tingle in your non-pitching arm.
Me? Retired. Loving it. I Don' need no stinkin' work! Well, off to do the laundry.

Yeah, hb, the two week vacation is killer. One week and you don't fully disconnect so coming back is relatively easy. Two weeks you start to believe you actually live a life of leisure. The Monday after my two weeks in June I almost burst into tears on the ferry- and I love my job. I also started to fantasize about winning the lottery (seriously, like full blown 30 minute fantasies) and I don't play the lottery EVER! Good luck with reentry.

Yet again I say, the ASB is a pee-break in the middle of hot sex. At least Soxaholix is back so we can keep the, uh, "energy" up as we wait for the Sox to return.

Also, the comments section needs "Likes" for comments so I could show my complete agreement for Bob's. :)

French socialism seems pretty appealing when you return from vacation.

Yeah, Natalie nailed it. And that life of leisure fantasy gets acerbated by living the "champagne lifestyle" on vacation as well. Then you realize that not only that you have to go to work but that you actually can't afford "first class" 24/7/365.

Ah, well, better to have a taste than no taste at all....

I like the image that Soxaholix is to the ASB what a fluffer is to between takes on a porn set.

and they're in first when you returned from vacation.

I have never taken a two week vacation. The best I've ever done is one week. Meanwhile, I just figured out why somebody in Norway isn't returning my emails. He is on vacation for the entire month of July.

My company offers everyone who enters their 10th year of continuous service to the company a month sabbatical (in addition to your 5 weeks vacation). I am planning to travel Southeast Asia or maybe Australia (want a visit, sdu?) and I MAY NEVER COME HOME. I can't imagine how hard reentry will be after that sojourn....

Oh, meant to say "planning to travel next June"... less than a year!

Asia is probably my next major trip/vacation as well. Thinking Cambodia right now, but definitely subject to change.

hb- yeah, that's what I am shooting for: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, a good mix of mountains/jungle/beach, village and city cultural exploration, roadtripping like the Top Gear guys along the coast of Vietnam, and, oh yeah, did I mention beach? I want my DiCaprio in The Beach moment---um, EARLY in The Beach moment, like before it turns into (spoiler alert)a bloodbath. Let me know if you want me to share my research as I delve into serious planning this Fall/Winter.

Take toilet paper. I hear in Vietnam that's not really something they provide. Everyone's expected to provide their own or something. I don't know. I had a cousin married to a guy from Vietnam and this was the biggest culture shock she dealt with when visiting his family. Maybe she just hung out at all the wrong places.

I have a friend that works at Intel. he gets a 7 week paid sabbatical every 7 years.

My company provides 3 months vacation after 9 months of employment and 1 year paid sabbatical after 6 years. The only downside is the 'customers' are between 18 and 22 years of age and not particularly interesting or bright.

still not buying it.

wb hb


The worst re-entry I've ever had was after a 16-day cruise. I mean, almost EVERYTHING is done for you on those things (especially on a good line such as Holland America).

"What do you mean nobody's serving me a plate of bacon in bed this morning? And why is that clock yelling at me? And where's my Man Friday to carry me to the bathroom?"

First World Problems.

We are waiting for you Natalie.



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