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Seven runs on eight hits

What the hell has happened to Lestah?


My guess is they're seeing something wrong with his mechanics.


Yeah, his delivery definitely looked off last night.


Seriously, I haven't seen a delivery that awkward since Amanda Barnes threw her bong out the 36th floor window.



I haven't seen a delivery that awkward since that box truck left Comm Ave, jumped the curb, headed straight for a BC academic building and ended up resting on a tree with only 1 wheel on the ground.

Oh, that happened this morning, ladies and gentlemen. I was only along to see the aftermath, but it was spectacular.

I haven't seen a delivery that awkward since Miss Teen South Carolina answered her question.


There is trouble brewing. We're going to need a bigger boat.

What are the odds that an Amanda Barnes AND an Amanda Bynes threw bongs out of the same 36th floor of the same hotel. Amazing. But enough simple humor over typos... Bitch needs to at least get smart enough to know that keeping the weed and ditching the bong don't really help your cause. You will also get charged with littering and launching a missile - seriously, its a crime. And she still threw better than Lester. I feel as though Lester is getting the Notre Dame treatment.

Amanda meet Molly,Molly Amanda ;O

Bynes wants me to tell her that I can't afford her...bettin' on a bull in the heather.

Is the point here that Lester throws like a used up, stoned, ex-Disney girl?

Ex Disney girls seem to get wild in the middle innings!

I hear Mileys a free agent ;D

Well played cmdrflake, well played.

Bynes was a Nickelodeon girl, not that it matters. What a train wreck...

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