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Red Sox lose, but... oh, yeah

Patrice Effin Bergeron!


With a huge assist from Jagr and Marchand.




The voyeur who would be voyant.


The transmutation of toil to pleasure in an instant.


The aspiration to be taken out of the self achieved.


The Bruins: athletes, artists, *and* priests as well.


Priests of a religion we call Owen.


Owen 3, bitches!



11 down. 5 to go.

In Tukka we trust! 5 to get, looks easier than it really is to attain. The Blackhaks is waitin' fer' youse. But tke Kings are tough nuts, like Adrian Beltre, still reminding us that some GMs lose their edge.

A thing of beauty...is a joy forevah. ;D


So tired...so very tired...and happy.

Tired is right. I'm beat. Almost bailed on strip this morning.

BTW most of today is stuff I picked out of Giamatti's writings.

first the dave roberts moment v toronto, now gregory campbell does a pretty respectable version of curt schilling...

Looks like the Bruins "Owen" Cindy and the Pens...

(Oh, come on! SOMEBODY had to say it.)

Campbell conned Rhode Island out of $75M?

Problem now, Paul in DC, is that Campbell is out for the rest of the playoffs, and that reduction to the Merlot Line I think is going to be costly to the Bruins powerhouse. I hope I'm wrong.

Bag Friday, hb, we'll understand.
I am still wondering when the B's will put the 30 sweater in the rafters for the one and only Cheezy!

yeah, colin, totally agree... no coming back on a few stitches after that one...

Rewatching that Campbell clip gets me all teary-eyed.

And it reminds me how relentless Pittsburg was on the attack all night long. Man, they went down with a ferocious fight.

Happy birthday, l.c.

in re: my birfday.

it's not. I always put in 6/6/66 as my birfday online.

I'm older. not wiser.


@ lc

you're funny!


Hey lc. You had the quite the birfday. Starts after midnight when the Bruins win in double OT and then 22 hours later Big David hits a 3-run walkoff HR. And I should know, it was my birfday and my son's too.

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