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Red Sox beat the Yankees today. Or was it yesterday?

The good news is the Red Sox have won their first two series at Yankee Stadium for the second time in 25 years...


The bad news is that the othah time was 2011. And we know how well that worked out.


Hey, now, 2011 was a great year for beer and chicken.


So while it always feels good to beat the Yankees, beat them in the Bronx, and drop them into 3rd place, I confess I'm feeling fairly blasé about it.


Yeah, it's like I can't say I evah expect to beat the Yankees, and yet, I did expect to beat the Yankees.


And, meanwhile, it's the coming Texas series which looms lahge and has me excited.


Seriously, you don't need a storm chasah to tell you which way the wind is blowing in the AL.



The big news was how the MFY's tried to do a psych job on the Sawx (Like they'd notice..;-) delaying the game for no good reason. Me thinks the MFYs will re-examine their weather service. Wait ALL teams are obliged to use the same outfit. You know them from people standing on Plum Island and talking about the "...storm made worse by our being here!"

I think Papi's home run might have been caught up in a tornado. That was a blastarama. Either that, or he had a swig of the 2011 commemorative beer, Josh Beckett's Cock A Doodle Brew.

Nice weekend! Now if the B's can take another one tonight...

Put Iglesias at short-move Drew to third, and rotate Middling-Brooks from Pawtucket to Fenway, & have him sub for Papi & Napoli--he can play full time next year when Drew leaves, maybe even at first if Napoli leaves too.

or something


So heres the thing about this team. This occurred to me last night in the hohum beating of the mfys.

It has been studied and put forth that a large part of what makes some music good and some good music great is the fullfillment of expectation. Not just playing the music correctly, but playing it with suspense and resolution. The expected note, an offbeat snare, a big crescendo, a transcendant solo, the drumfill that makes you play airdrums behind the wheel, the perfect rocknroll scream,... You know its supposed to come and BOOM there it is. Great music.

The redsox are playing correctly. Im not complaining. But its not great music. Its getting the strikeout of the big hitter to kill a bases loaded rally, its double double doubling the other pitcher to knock him out of the game, its hit, steal, double to get that much needed run in a 0-0 game, making the gonzo defensive play that saves the game. We have had some of that but not at the moments when it is expected - the suspense and resolution aint there.

We are winning, but this team needs more cowbell.

Slow day here, with the exceptions of lc's pith and Jeff's anti-pith, so here is an Australian Rules scoring update:


I caught ARF a number of years ago when ESPN was young. I especially thought the umps/refs in their long white coats were a hoot. Reminded me of just who was in charge of the asylum.

Go B's!!

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