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Recovery time

Lisa the Temp:
No one here today, peeps.


Lisa the Temp:
Just us temps.


Lisa the Temp:
Seems all the regulars are suffering from a lack of sleep.


Lisa the Temp:
And nobody Shaw it coming.



There won't be anyone there tomorrow, either. I always blew off Friday if I had to blow off Thursday. Going in for one day was so 40's!

Well at least the Sox won.


Nothing worse than watching a game for three OTs and seeing your team lose.

Well, yazbread, you could also have diarrhea. That would be worse. Just sayin.

Watching your team lose in 3OT while having diarrhea...while hearing your mom have sex with someone who isn't your dad in the next room over.

And the man who's not your dad comes out of the bedroom to ask if he can borrow some diarrhea for a "game your mom and I are playing."

(I think the most disturbing aspect of that creepy comment is the use of the word "borrow.")

hi again


It's only worse if the guy who is not your dad also asks for a cup along with the borrowed diarrhea ...

...and, when you offer two, says "no thanks, we'll share"...


Went to bed at 1:30 or so. Who can sleep after a game like that? Then at 4 am my dog started whining because he had (you guessed it) diarrhea. Had to walk around the neighborhood until 5 while he worked it out (so to speak). No one asked to borrow any.

A whole new meaning to the phrase "something fun to yak about" ;O

I usually enjoy these comments ...

Yeah, 'Scoe, but where was your mom while you were out walking the dog?


Buck: If my mom needs to borrow some, she's welcome to it--unless someone else gets there first.

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