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Pre-vacation save opportunity

Your omniscient author in absentia:
So as you may or may not know, I'm going on vacation next week, which means, of course, that I'm having to cram and otherwise finish off a bunch of work stuff. But since I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks, it's like a double cram.

I feel like Andrew Bailey protecting a one-run lead in the ninth with the meat of the opponents batting order due up.

Yeah, hopeless.

I intend to be back with strips tomorrow and Friday. And I plan to leave you vacation placeholders for the creepy community commentary.



It could be worse.
You could be Will Middlebrooks knowing there is a trade coming up, so everything needs to be packed up and "in order".
OR You could be AFraud and feel like you got away with the unforgivable back when George was in charge and not be aware that the new sheriff will pull the trigger at any time, just like his dad.

Or you could be Aaron Hernandez having his morning coffee interrupted.

Hernandez is having breakfast at the International House of Handcuffs.

try the re-veal. I'm beer all week.


So h.b. and I share something in common beside a love for the Sox. I too am suffering the throes of anxiety brought on by the dreaded double-cram. (F-ing clients and their outmoded prioirites. I'm trying to pack for two weeks in Hawaii, dammit!)

Aaron Hernandez is worried about the double-cram right about now too

Enjoy the vaca, HB and Rob

And now Hernandez is also unemployed.

As Judge Smails said "The world needs ditch diggers too" ;O

Another real life Paul Crewe. Which New York team will sign him, if he's on the street this fall?
The Pats have pulled all the Hernandez merchandise I presume that's to prevent a run on them by collectors.

Heard on Twitter this morning:

Gronk woke up in handcuffs this morning too...but it was an entirely different situation.

Not exactly on topic, but what's with the Flyin' Hawaiian and the RF wall? Maybe Farrell should show him how the warning track works. Just sayin.

Looks like Aaron Hernandez is going on a vacation too.

Hope you are not together

Gronk: Giggidy! Giggidy! Giggidy!

Note to all professional athletes: Before ya kill a guy, think of the FANS fer crissakes!

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