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Of course, winning would an uppah


The 3 OTs and the 5th longest game in NHL history the night before...


14 innings on Monday night...


And, oh, hey, a double-headah last Saddadee...


I'm getting too old for this stuff.




Did you say something? I think I dozed off there for a second.



There seems to be a plague of long games these days. But, the Sawx are the gold standard for painfully long, drawn out games.
BUT, it was nice to see the MFYs play a two in one and lose. But, then it usually is-no-it IS always nice to see the MFY's lose, no matter how!

Even my Arabica-and-coca leaf blend isn't doing the trick anymore. And the alarm in the morning is like having Ethel Merman sing into my ear.

I gave up in the 12th last night. 5:25 AM seems to come earlier and earlier the older I get.

The bags under my eyes have bags.

Wednesday's triple-overtime TV extravaganza killed me. The Sox extra innings games? At least I could lay in bed and listen to the game in a semi-dream state. Can't wait for the weekend. Ugh...

Happy Padres Day, Pedro Ciriaco!

Who'd bet that after seeing an hour late Rolling Stones giving a 2.5 hour epic performance and another hour drive home that there would still be a period of hockey to watch?

@Lazlo - did the wheel chair ramp on the Stones' bus freeze up?

the bags under my eyes have diarrhea



but Friday is sharing day and I brought cups for everyone

sorry - day late a dollar short to everything.

Sonoma, welcome to my world.

5th longest game in Stanley Cup finals history, _not_ NHL...


I wondered about that when I wrote it, but was too lazy/tired to bother to look it up. As I'm too lazy/tired now to correct it.

But thanks for pointing it out.

Why am I still here? It's a question all of us have as we advance a bit in years. And the answer is always the same:


Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Go Bruins!


Which soxaholix are coming? Mrs sdu, the virtually 10 year old 'Sox fan and me. So that's three of us.

Dodgers, huh? How's the fried chicken in Sydney, sdu?

Can't really comment,so fat Josh and co will have to work it out for themselves. But the Portuguese chicken in the inner west of Sydney is outstanding. You and Abby should come.

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