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Objects and Experience

You know, aftah a game like that, it's ironic that there really isn't much left to say.


And, well, if one is taking a utilitarian approach to the 162 game season, these outliah blow outs should cause no more emotion than an ugly 1-run win in an errah prone game.


And, likewise, the same pragmatism should be applied to be on the receiving end of an opponent's offensive drubbing or losing a hahtbreakah in the 12th.


A win is a win. A loss is a loss.


But winning is bettah.


"The sun shines on a stone; the stone grows warm."


You Kant make this stuff up.



Yeah, we shouldn't put Descartes before the horse.

If it's raining on Friday, Bob can put an umbrella on the beer cart and make it a rainy day cart.

It's all mental masturbation.

I disagree. A blowout win is much more important than a one-run win. Great teams win by big amounts. See the 1998 Yankees.


You may be right, but surely you don't think the 2013 Red Sox are a great team?

Mike is suggesting that they are an OK team that is going to get the occasional lopsided win and which will be matched by the occasional lopsided defeat over the 162 game season.

Cerebral chicken choking,Cmdr??

Oh, well now we're finally getting to a subject you know something about.

In recent years it seems like the Red Sox have tended to make rookie pitchers look like Pedro in his prime. So it was nice to see them knock a rookie out in the 2nd inning last night.

I particularly enjoyed Papi's at bat in the 2nd when Eckersely was saying what a lost cause it was for that pitcher to even try to get him out. "how do you even begin to pitch to him", he was saying.

Papi tripled.

Great win over a team they have struggled against lately. Let's see if they can build more confidence these next (2) nights.

Speaking of Pedro's, me thinks Jose Iglesias has handed Pedro Ciriaco his walking papers as soon as Wills returns.

Jackie Bradley, Jr. did, but Immanual Kant. (I knew that Ivy education would finally come in handy one day.)

Let's see here, two major points in his philosophy:

1. Human perception structures natural laws, and
2. Reason is the source of morality.

Yep, that about covers it. (Cleans out those images of chicken choking, anyway.)

Boom! We're here all week. Try the Prolegomena!

I think Ciriaco is out of options, so he could get grabbed if they try to send him down.

Kant Stop Believin'?

really, that's all I've got.


This is the game I picked to go to with my sister and my 86 yr old mom. My granddaughter was born early this morning. We were rooting for the 30 run scoring record last night!

Congrats, Betsy!

Let's go Bruins!!

So childish. So immature. So funny.


That made my day. So good.

Bart Simpson would approve, heartily!

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