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Hey, who released the Lacken?


Physically strong and agile? Check.
"He commanded a fastball that was consistently 92-94 miles per hour and touched 95."


Secretive and capable of sudden attack? Check.
"When needed, Lackey froze hitters with a slider."


Of course, like the Kraken the Lacken is not immortal and can be killed.


In other words, enjoy the show, but don't get cocky like Poseidon.



I predicted 20 wins for Lackey this year, so I had a feeling he'd pitch well. Of course, I also predicted he'd lose 20 games, so I also have a feeling he'll be erratic as hell.

As in sometimes you're the windshield an' sometimes you da bug. Poseidon had faults galore, most of all vanity, which is not John Lackey, vanity? AFraud (60 day DL) Markie Tex (60 day DL)Josh Beckett (unemployed, but still on the roster for a team too dumb to take the s**t and DFA him).

Is it my imagination, or does he look less like a doofus goober than he did a couple years back? Is this really the same guy?

I heard he had Remog surgery. It reverses the Gomer.

This is Lackey's high water mark of the season.

He knows he still has a year on his contract after this one, right?

A player not aware of his contract status is akin to a dinosaur=gone. Or lying. Seriously. Lying.

I'm just saying...if he doesn't realize this isn't his end of contract year, so he's pitching like he's gotta earn his next paycheck...

Well, nobody wake him up, alright?

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