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Light it up

Red Sox in first and facing the best team in the AL and a chance to show us they are for real.


My candle burns at both ends.


It will not last the night,


But look you hoes and bitches —


It gives a lovely light!*



HB has always provided dimension, color and perspective. But today he's giving us dimension, color and perspective.

Must have been a long winter in Beantown. She looks like she could use some sun.

What an ass-kicking last night! B's look so focused. Nice day to be a Boston fan.

Now if the Sox can only hang a couple on Texas...

Wooaahhh! Hmm, she reminds me of my first gal pal who wasn't looking to me for anything. Me thinks she inspired Mick and Keith to write "She's so Cold". You could say she was as hittable as Pedro in 1999, or The Mets version of Nolan Ryan (1969-71)when he was completely unpredictable.

This must have been what the Renaissance was like.

More like when the Wizard of Oz transitioned from sepia to color.

sunsets cast a lovely light, as well. just sayin'


In my most recent Words with Friends game my hand contains the possible words: Sox Lead or Sex Doll (I have a blank). I think this is a very good and creepy sign.

10 wins down. 6 to go.

It's not victory cigar time yet.

Coming up from NJ this weekend and I'm going to Sunday's game to see . . . Dempster? Ugh.

"...burnin the candle at both ends, round the side and up the back!" - Fred Sanford.

Guys, who is in the booth with Orsillo tonight? He was just basically saying no baseball players should steal bases since they'll just get hurt. Is he a moron? Who is this?

If it's the same game i"m watching Nat,he looks a lot like Dennis Eckersley ;D

@Harwich, I was kinda multi-tasking through it (heading out on two weeks vacay in two days so no rest for the wicked right now, workwise ;) Was more listening than watching. It was Eck and boy, he was kinda hard to take, I found. :)

Just Eck being Eck.

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