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Kicked in the nuts

Bruins up by one, less than a minute and a half remain, Blackhawks pull Crawford:
Fuck Yeah!


18:44 Bickell scores:


18 seconds latah:
Utter devestation


Hey, let's look at the bright side.


There's a bright side?


Think about it, all thoughts of Andrew Bailey have been temporarily expunged.


Am I right or am I right?



Andrew who?

Bill is right. Now, can the Sawx hold a less than six run lead in the ninth? Never mind who is pitching.
The videos show hb is ahead of the curve. *****'s/*****

This strip made me feel a little better. I guess there's that.

Andrew Bailey actually subbed in for Tuuka Rask. Go back and watch the Bruins coverage at about 16:47 in the 3rd period...

Julien said, "well, Tuuka had played a great game, but it's Bailey's job to finish games, and who am I to argue with the divinely ordained role of the closer?"

Thanks for the chuckle hb. Takes some of the sting away. I also never get tired of hearing the boos rain down on Bettman any time he takes the mike at a game. Nobody deserves it more...except maybe Bailey.

Bud Selig deserves to be booed at every opportunity for his handling of the PED/HGH situation over the last two decades. At this point, they might as well allow most HGH's since y'all can call an 800 number and get them yourownself.

Hey at least we can look forward to Brady throwing to Welker, Gronk and Hernandez.

Oh wait...

But we have Brady throwing to Tebow! Happy days are here again.

Man, I love perfectly applied animated gifs. Here are two for you as apply to the Bruins last night, the first one that I imagine represents how you all felt at the results (plus, it makes me laugh) and the second how I feel about pro hockey in general and the current state of my Facebook feed in specific:



Well fuckitidy fuck. That was painful. Took a lot not to throw my phone through the flat screen.

On a red eye tomorrow night to BOS - was hoping it would be a celebratory flight.

At least I have tickets to Thursday's game. Wondering how many Wang jokes I'll have to explain to my 5 & 6 yr old boys. Not too many I think.

I'm blaming my shit day on the Bruins. Just as they imploded last night I discovered that I fucked up the baby blanket I'm knitting and had to undo a bunch of stitches. Then as I'm getting ready to leave this morning, my 8-month-old daughter who has an ear infection barfs on her and on me. En route to daycare we hit a detour because a semi tried to unsuccessfully go under a railroad bridge. Then when I'm leaving daycare I got stuck at a railroad crossing. And when I got to work the elevator was broken.

Ugh. Thank god hockey is over. And hopefully, so is my string of unfortunate events.

Sorry, gang. That was brutal. I wouldn't wish that on a Devils fan.
Wait, yes I would.

Absolutely no idea where this came from...but it was the exact thing I needed to express the end of last night's game:

The Perfect Bruins Game 6 gif

Evidently that is "Jim Hacker" from an 80's British sitcoms, "Yes Minister" and "Yes, Prime Minister".

The ten year old 'Sox fan is devastated. No repeats of this photo, which exists thanks to Buckner:


I don't remember sending any red Crocs... great photo, sdu. We were definitely hoping for a repeat performance

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