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I'm sure the coming week will go better

OK, so when regahding Bailey Farrell said "moves are coming" by "moves" he meant, of course, "no moves at all."


Somehow in the world Farrell inhabits it still makes sense to have Bailey ahead of Tazawa on the relief pitchah list.


To be fair, Farrell doesn't have a lot to work with.


Well, how about stahting with this — If you're inclined to put Bailey in to protect a 1-run lead, *DO NOT DO IT!*


This Detroit series has exposed the obvious: despite the Red Sox position in the AL East and their win loss record, unless something changes with the pitching, facing a tough line up like Detroit's in Octobah would be a disastah.


Seriously, it'll be like Paula Dean at an NAACP convention.


It'll be like Edward Snowden being at... er... anywhere.


Don't mind the bee, Ed, it's not a Robobee drone or anything.



From ricin-tipped umbrellas to killer bee drones in my lifetime. Wow.

I am so sweaty right now, anything a killer bee drone shot at me would just slide off. And be stinkier when it hit the person next to me.

Look, I've got a positive spin to put on the weekend.
MFY lost 2 of 4 at home to a so-so Rays team?
Err . .
Let me get back to you on that.

and Toronto beat Baltimore....
Does it make anyone feel better that all five teams in the AL East are within striking distance?
Does anyone "fear the birds" Jay or orange?

The MFYs losing can improve anything.
The event of the weekend was Howie Carr channeling his inner Donald Westlake(*) while covering the Whitey Bulger trial.
(* Damon Runyan was too old a reference even for me 0-)!

All I want for my birthday is a Stanley Cup Game 7 on Wednesday.

Well at least Bailey won't blow a game tonight. Let's go B's!

10 year old bruins' fan birthday pics:


Posted for good luck: LET'S GO B'S LET'S GO B'S LET'S GO B'S LET'S GO B'S

And so forth.

fuck me ragged!

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