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Hold the turkey...

Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
I don't know if it's just me or what, Mr. Roy, but it feels like we've been playing the Orioles for the past 20 games.


It's worse than that—it feels like we've been playing the Orioles for the past 20 games *and* we went 1 and 19.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
You know, between the Orioles and the Ravens, I'm stahing to feel like Tippy Hedren as the wealthy socialite Melanie Daniels every time we face a Baltimore club.


Well, let's Look at the bright side, Arturo, at least Baltimore doesn't have an ornithologically-named hockey team.



Woooh, hold it! A true Lowell guy would never say "Ice Hockey". Ever.

I remember the old Baltimore Skipjacks of the AHL. Their last season was the first season for the Providence Bruins. In '82-'83, they were the minor league affiliate of the Bruins.

BTW, a skipjack is kind a tuna. No, not a flying tuna.

Yeah, I think you're right cmdrflake. Let me nix that. Thanks!

Actually, Bob, the Skipjack referred to in the AHL Baltimore team name is a boat. It was a type of sail-powered sloop that was used primarily for oyster farming on the Chesapeake. Because of its shallow hull and low sides, it fit into the estuaries better and required less energy to haul the scoop on board.

In any case, it's not a bird.

Kraftgate? Putin?

AS a resident of the greater DC / Baltimore area, I'm getting real sick of losing to the Orioles.

The best non-bird Baltimore team was the Baltimore Blast indoor soccer team. When they scored a goal, they would jump into the chorus of "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang.

Was the coolest thing as a kid for some reason.

Skipjack also a class of nuclear fast attack submarines. My father served on one out of Groton Conn. in the seventies. Great memories for me, little league ball and trips up to Fenway.

The Orioles eat with their peckers.

Got my Sox-Spankee tickets for Fathers Day.Friday the 13th can't come soon enough. Now watch them both be in the cellar come September ;D

This will all be of little moment to you'all but I thought I'd share this news. The little 'Sox and Bruins fan turned 10 this morning AEST. Long live the 10 year old 'Sox fan! To celebrate I am going to watch Australia qualify for the World Cup without him: bad parenting 101. But mrs sdu and I are taking him and 5 friends in a form of transport called a 'Hummer Thunderstruck' to watch Canada v USA in ice hockey on Saturday night, so there's that then. @redemption.


Rich - Friday 13 September? That's great news. We gotta sort out our venue for approximately 1 million pre-game drinks!! I am pretty sure Buck and Mrs Buck are in. Hopefully others. Even grumpy old lc is a prospect!!!

Ditto that COD. Fortunately, the only game we actually attended was Saturday, but it still sucks listening to the NO's fans chirp - with thier peckers.

@sdu: exactly.
@sdu.2 young fan is in double digits. the fun begins.

as for the B's, it would be advantage to live in OZ.

me to lc,jr.: "are you watching the Bruins?" lc,jr."it would be nice if the games didn't finish in another day". proud of that fellow.


Wow Peter,I am Thunderstruck.

If not for the "Ump, I foul-tipped it-Waaa", you would have left Baltimore 0-4.

FYI: Richard Gere threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Besides the Blast and Skipjacks, we also had the Baltimore Bullets...now Washinton Wizards.

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