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Hardware Fail

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Yesterday when I got home from work, I noticed my home office had the telltale smell of overheating electronics and plastic, but despite my best imitation of a dog, I couldn't isolate where the smell originated. This morning it became obvious when my Apple CinemaScope was dead. I spent the rest of the morning confirming its death, checking my AppleCare warranty (expired), and putting on a general pout, as I don't want to purchase any computer hardware just now.

Alas, that took up my normal reading and writing for Soxaholix time, so no strip today. But Bruins won and Sox play two, so it could be worse.



Well hb, Apple didn't become the most valuable company in the world by having systems fail BEFORE the warranties run out (or by paying taxes).

Ouch. Apple would not have a self destruct in it's units, would they? They hold up about as well as Will Middlebrooks, Joel Hanrahan, or Ryan Kalish have of late. But, to know that A Fraud and #2 shortstop Derek Jeter are also in the same spot, shows there's some justice in the jungle.

Let's play two. Joe Castiglione is my favorite headphone music at work.

I feel for you HB. The hard drive on my macbook crashed and died this month. I'm glad I just needed a new hard drive and not a new laptop. But there is a feeling of emptiness and despair of rebuilding / replacing what was lost.

The irony is that I stopped buying iMacs and swapped to a Mini/Monitor combo in 2009 under the premise that I'd just swap out the Mini every couple of years and keep running the same monitor for a long time. Well... I never did swap out the Mini but it's way past due and was planning to do that in the fall. But now considering I need both monitor and computer, the best option seems to be to go back to the iMac. But I have no joy in spending $2k right now especially when I have a big, splurgy, luxe travel trip/adventure coming up in two weeks. (BTW I'll be gone July 1-July 15).

But it's like when you have to pitch Aceves and Doubrant in a double--What choice does one have?

Just retired my 9 year old Dell. An extreme case of use up, make do, wear it out. Not particularly recommended for computers.

I would have thought Apples and Cinemascope would smell great; like a freshly baked apple pie.

"Like a warm apple pie",Bob ;O

I've got a Dell laptop that I bought in 2004 that is still functional - all original parts too. It's running Puppy Linux at the moment.

Boo on your computer thingie dying. Yay on afternoon game so I can watch on Gamecast and be distracted from how quiet my business phones are.

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