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Forget the lasso the moon thing, just close the game

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, say hello to the team with the most wins in the American League, your Boston Red Sox.


15 games ovah .500


Now if we could only had a closah.


Seriously, every time Bailey pitches an angel has his wings hacked off, Buffaloed, and eaten by gargoyles in Hell.


Do they have sports bars in Hell.


Yeah, but they're not much different from the ones on earth.


Ah, bad TV angle, piss warm beer, tramped-stamped ho waitress, mediocre food, and I guy at the adjacent hightop conducting what he believes is the most serious phone meeting in the history of Capitalism at the top of his voice?


I'm pretty sure Hell is that cellphone guy next to you 24/7 non stop.


Most annoying line from loud talking business cell phone guy...

"I'll be traveling on international business but if you can't get a hold of me I'll be checking my email while I'm traveling internationally."


Just imagine, somewhere in an undisclosed location, the NSA has supercomputer codenamed Douchebag where all those guys' calls are stored.


The terrorists have so won.



the team-first idea is spreading... first patriots, now bruins and sox... at some point, it will reach sports bars...

Hernandez-Gronkowski: 2 Tight Ends- 1 brain ;O

Does Tebow count as a TE yet? I know he seems to think he is a QB, but if the Patriots knew this might be coming down it might explain why the hell they signed Saint Tebow.

Back when we had Papelbon, he had an annoying habit of giving up gophers. When his contract was up, Paps asked for three years, the Sawx offered him two years, the Sawx let him sign with the Phillies. So when Andrew Bailey asks for a contract the Sawx will offer say two years if Bailey wants three and so on.
hb, those fumes have you listening to the black helicopter crowd on your fillings ;-0 ! Bet the reception is reaallly good. (tee hee)

Sports bars in hell also have really cheesy names. "Who's On First Circle," "Dante Bichette's Inferno," and of course, "A-Rod's Bar and Grill."

Oh, and "Fire and Russ Grimmstone," "Johnny Demon's Place," "Pitch and Fork," and "Yankee Stadium."

I'm in Hell. Only warm Yuengling and cold wings. Still gets TV38, playing 80's RS games on a loop.


Nine innings...Nine levels...Just sayin'...

@Harwich Rich. You might be generous with the "1 brain". Don't forget the pats have former Giant TE Jake Ballard. He spent last season recovering from knee ligament damage in the superbowl. Solid, steady TE. Should work well in NE.

Yeah, I know the book says 1 run lead in the 9th, bring in the closer, but dubront was under 100 pitches and doing well. I watched on the tampa fox sports and their announcers were estatic that dubront was gone.

Day baseball from the bronx. let's see if the former sox (or the dodger's rookie phenom) can do us a few favors over the next few days.

I hate seeing Bailey enter a game. maybe if he spent less warm-up time working on what look like karate kicks after his release and more on not throwing fastballs right down the middle of the plate he might have a bit more success.

I was so pissed off when Farrell pulled Doubront - that was Doubront's 2nd shortest outing of the season by pitch count. What was he thinking??

The whole "closer" moronity is idiotic. We don't need a good closer, we need a manager who recognizes that performance is more important than a label. It wasn't "Bailey's job" to pitch the ninth, as Farrell said, it was FARRELL'S JOB to decide who the best pitcher was, and he decided wrong.

(Note: I was pissed and surprised before the home run. After the home run, I swore so loud that the entirety of my street heard).

I've been to Hell's sports bars. They're on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx.

Al's description sounds EXACTLY like your neighborhood Buffalo Wild Wings on any given night of the week.

All he forgot to mention were the waitress's cankles...

Ah, the sports bar from hell has reservations required for poor overpriced food and snarky staff.

R.I.P. Vince Flynn, who wrote books that you'd read until you finished it, no matter how long it took. And, farewell Mitch Rapp, where ever you are defending us from the baddies at home and abroad.

Sports bars? Seemed to have forgot what they look/smell like in my 13 yr exile from NE. There are maybe 3 such bars north of the Golden Gate - half the patrons are barely watching the games.

And RIP too to Slim Whitman. One of my dad's all-time favorites. Not sure why.

I like sports bars. They give those folks a place to be so they are not so much around me.

It is the rare bar these days where you can actually get a good draft beer.

Cask and Floggin'.

Daisy Buttrammin's.

The Sores.

TGIE (Thank God It's Eternity).

If you ever watch what gets cleaned out of the draft beer lines from the keg to tap, which of course happens all too infrequently, you would stick with bottles. Its hard to unsee it.

Chicago radio is in panic mode today. They are treating tonight like game 7.

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