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Fit for a King

";They don’t like to mess with Papi late in the game." I love it when Papi talks about himself in the 3rd person.


Absolutely. It's regal. And regal is fitting for Papi.


I'd live in a country where Papi is King.


Hell, I'd live in a country where Papi is King *and* I'd be happy to let him eavesdrop on all of my electronic communication.



Hi, NSA!

So how stupid does my tinfoil iPhone case look now?



Viva Papi! I had the whole thing going on my phone, which likely is tapped, while watching the Heat lose (Take that, LeBron!) and getting ratings numbers for the NBA. Then, I tried to look at Papi's shot on my phone, but it froze up. No matter, I went to the desk top and saw it there. All that was monitored by the phone company (twice, for the TV and the desktop) and my cell carrier. For that I get targeted ads on my desktop and phone. But, they aren't big brother. As designed by Orwell, he has too high a profile to be successful. Big Bro must be a shadowy figure, who could just as easily be Big Sister, but we aren't allowed to see him or her to be sure. This space equates to writing on a shithouse wall, with a larger audience, since the likes of Natalie can read this, with out risk of shame for bein' caught in the laddie's room.

Collecting data on every phone call for the last seven years? If anyone thinks that anything has actually been done with the data, you have never worked for the Federal Government.

Best game yet this year, best game faces on Pedey and of course Papi who I swear stared that low and inside cutter into the bullpen - he just waved the bat to hide the magic.

So what if every person in the county made one threatening sounding phone call, one text with the word Jihad, and one scary Google search per day? We could render that database of intel useless pretty damn quickly.

Per the robed ones, you only have a (mythical) right to privacy where you have an "expectation of privacy" - did you really expect your electrons weren't being monitored Doug?

db: It's definitely a candidate for best game because it's Texas and a walkoff. Let's not forget the Boston Strong game April 20 v KC. That one featured Papi announcing, "This is our f'n city..." and Neil Diamond himself (who called the switchboard that day to say he wanted to sing some song he wrote). And Nava won it with a 3-run blast into the bullpen in the bottom of the 8th. Buchholz got the win, and Bailey the save.


Rained out.

Wicked gamle. JC & DoB prepped it on the radio as if they knew it was going to happen. Maybe they work for the NSA. Or like usual DoB craves hyping everything.

Finish it tonight!

Well, my early-release summer Fridays are usually filled with fun and sun. But I shall endeavor to enjoy my extra hour and a half of rain with the anticipation of all things Bruinish.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

I'd say we have something fun to yak about now.

Tuukker's glove save at the buzzah was totally TJ Hookah!!

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