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Doing what it takes

Unlike previous versions, it appears the 2013 Red Sox actually have a desiah to win ballgames.


And look at Lackey.


Lackey? He was serving meatballs like it was a Sopranos reunion show.


That was impressive.


You know, Maddon's an OK managah and all but you know what he lacks?


The ability to speak Japanese?




When will we tiah of flogging the dead Veet?


Is that a rhetorical question?



I just can't believe they got out of the bottom of the 10th without losing. Bailey was throwing like he thought Mr. Potter was in the ballpark.

The practice of beating up on Roberto Veets is as old as the concept of blaming Hoover for the depression right up to 1 September 1939, or blaming George W Bush, for the Rangers being a player short (Gotcha!) in two series they should have won.
But blaming King George III for every problem we had until the war of 1812...

then there's pedroia... in addition to saving the game at least twice, he's the one who got his head thrown at in retaliation for lackey being unable to control his temper over joyce... and he just moved on, took his walk, and got on with business...

That is a rhetorical question. Veet earned all this derision and more last year.

Nice work by Bailey. Home run, walk, walk, single, walk before finally geting baileyed out by some good defense. I don't know how they survived the 10th either.

I could only get the MLB.com game tracker, which shows the pitch spotting. In the pitchers' defense, the strike zone was puny (or MLB tracker was unaccountably off). Lots of pitches that were mostly over the white were called balls, particularly inside to lefties.

Breslow's strikeout came on a pitch well over the white, outside to a lefty. There's no way he takes that with a proper-sized strike zone.

Chops, you can review Pitch F/X versus umps decisions at BrooksBaseball.net after the game. Here's the data for last night's game. The dashed box is where umps generally call the strike zone for either lefties or righties. You can see that most umps give the pitcher leeway to strikes on the outside for lefty batters. No idea why.

So in the maddon is kind of a dick sometimes vein, he is all mouth on lackey for his retaliation but seems to think retaliation for retaliation is all good. I know its to inspire his kids, but its just dickish behavior. I like him but if he was my manager it would be kind of embarrassing.

Oh, Jeff... What in the world do you know about having a manager who's kind of a dick?


Maddon isn't kind of a dick, he is a dick. Who sends a batter up to bunt in the 7th when the opposing pitcher is throwing an no-no? A dick.

//You can see that most umps give the pitcher leeway to strikes on the outside for lefty batters. No idea why//

I think it's because the ump is looking over the inside corner and thus has a bit of an angle on the call on the outside edge.

Rob, Steve - cutting to the chase! I like it! Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to nominate long time manager Dick Maddon for this year's Veet Manager of the Year honors. I believe we have the requisite backing to have him on the slate.

I laughed aloud when I red the 'he can't speak Japanese' line this morning (AEST). Thanks.

I also enjoyed a listener on WEEI say he would still despise Lackey even if he won the Cy Young. I'm with him.

And Madden's comments make todays game compulsary viewing. I just love the pretend fighting in baseball. It kills me.


@jeff - I second the nomination. All in favor - say Aye!

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