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All this and the Bruins, too

So when I looked at the most recent stretch of the schedule when it first came out, I confess I shuddered.


And yet...

vs. Yankees in NY: 2W-1L
vs. Rangers in BOS: 2W-1L
vs. Angels in BOS: 2W-1L


I know. And who saw the 2013 Red Sox as an offensive leviathan?


First in OPS
First in runs
First in walk percentage


Start drinking plenty of fluids...


Because the regression to mean is going to result in a fuck of hangover.



Maybe SDU should send a case of Berocca to the clubhouse, just in case.

Can anyone explain this? When I watched the Sox on Fox on Saturday night while listening to the radio call of the game, the TV was 15 seconds behind the real-time radio. Is this common? Why? Don

There's reasons to think they are overperforming, there are reasons to think they ain't. Regression to mean might not actually be that bad, let's look at some sunny side reasons to look forward to the rest of the season.

1) Maybe this is Daniel Nava just reaching his potential.

2) Papi has done this before, go on a tear for a couple months.

3) A lot of the run differential is due to the performance of the starting rotation. Clay is for real this good, Lester, Lackey and Dempster seem to be performing only slightly better than projected.

4) It's the defense on this club that is keeping opponents in check. Even a less-offensive Red Sox team can win against teams that can only score a couple runs against us.

I'm just enjoying it for however long it will last. Sure beats the whole season of suckitude Veet and the boys subjected us to last year.

Don, there's the delay that both radio and TV use (so cursing and that sort of thing can be caught and silenced). But TV signals also have to pass through cable and/or satellite and/or HD systems, so they're delayed even more. Although 15 seconds is a lot.

If Google street view is right, that building Steve is walking in front of is now an Ace Ticket office. But I guess we could ask NSA to be sure.

The NSA heard Steve's comments 15 seconds before Mike.

Viva Papi! Viva Salty! One we expect to crush bombs, the other is a sweet bonus.
I liked the power shown by the bottom of the lineup.
JSYK: IRT's new season sucks very seriously, as in Red Sox 2012 seriously. But, I had to get away from the LeBron a thon.

Did you notice the same guy caught Carp's HR and Salty' 2nd blast? What are the odds on that?

I can't believe this team has a Salty Carp.

i want to thank you all for seeing to it that the Sox won big on the day I attended a game. next time, though, keep the kid with the foam finger who kept jabbing my wife with it at home.

Ponch -- (best Inspector Clouseau voice) "Zat was NOT ze foam finger..."


Anybody going to Camden Yards on Saturday?

My weekend baseball story.. Was in Raleigh to see Widespread Panic, had time to kill so went over to NC State campus to catch Superregional vs Rice. $30 on street buys a bleacher seat right behind a 24" wide light pole. Could see home and second - 2 games for the price of one! Hot sun, cramped seats ala old garden, a bleacher full of baseball novices, but FUN! Then game got long, left to go to Panic show when score was still 1-0 Rice. Get soaked by rain at show, get back to hotel, holy shite.. Game not over yet, rain delayed 17 inning game ended about midnite (4pm start). State wins. I made the right call - rain and rock n roll is easier than rain and bleachers. Baseball! And the Sox won. It was a god day.

OK, Bob, thanks for explaining the delay. It's eerie watching the TV and knowing before the pitcher gets to the rubber that the batter will fly out. Don


Did you mean God day?

...or God Dag (for all my Swedish relatives) ;D

Uh no.apparently my spell checker is of the christian persuasion. I don't have the standing to make such a claim, so I will stick with goooooood day.

Speaking of Christians...

TEBOW! What the heck is the Evil Genius up to now?

In re Tebow.

Another reason to tap out.

Add this to today's metadata dump.

Thanks, and hi.


There's Joy unlimited in the Herald's gossip and sports bureaus!

Lackey was lacking and so is our bullpen. Not good.

@ bob - I went to two footy games in Melbourne on the weekend; too much Bourbon. Berocca all gone.



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