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A man's man

OK, I can deal with the Sox losing the 3rd game of a 3-game series against the Rays... it's a long season yada yada.


And while it hurts to lose an OT game in the Gahden that ties up the series at 2-2, I *know* the Bruins shall storm back.


But losing Mitch Rapp and Tony Soprano in the same day?


That friggin blows.


Seriously, it was a bad day for those who treasure rough around the edges, non politically correct, unapologetically macho anti-heroes in their fiction.


At least we are getting Jack Bauer back on TV, and in the spy thrillah pages, Gabriel Allon isn't going anywhere... well, knock on wood.


Seriously, as much as I love the American swaggah of lead charactahs like Rapp and John Wells, I have a soft spot for the more effete and refined European spy that Silva gives us with Allon.


Absolutely, I think Daniel Silva is the best writing in that genre today.


Fallen Angel drops in 5 days.


I'll save it for vacation.


No doubt. Nothing cures the omnipresent malaise of the airport terminal quite like falling undah the spell of a spy fiction page turnah.



Doug is spot on!

It wasn't a long season for James Gandolfini. Just 51 games in, and it's over.

Books? Literature? On a day when the return of Jack Bauer and 24 has been announced?

And then he sees the panel he somehow missed with the Jack Bauer reference. carry on....

Alan Furst fans: "Mission to Paris" just out in paperback. I only watched baseball during hockey intermissions last night; did anyone else just want to scream "Tom Caron, shut the f**k up"!? What an annoying, self-referential a-hole.

Gandolfini probably didn't see it coming.

This ending is even worse than the Sopranos ending that they broadcast.

He and Big Pussy should have a lot to yak about ;O

Jack Bauer was supposed to be on the job for 24 hours. Now it has been what? 96 hours? More? Like a fat guy at the buffet line, he just wont excuse himself and move on. I refuse him on principle.

At least we'll be spared a lame Sopranos reboot somewhere down the line.
As for 24, I would think it would wipe out a movie about Willie Mays or Manny (pre-Mannywood).
However, recasting Jack Bauer or Tony Soprano is like moving Bill Mueller out for Youk, then allowing Youk to leave for Will Middlebrooks and Iggy.

Anyone who has not seen the BBCs Sherlock, get on that posthaste. Also, Luther with Idris Elba is quite good as well.

The Gandolfini one was rough.

Brian Vaughn has got a new one, although I can't remember what it is.

It's been a rough day. That thing about hell yesterday wasn't half wrong.

l friggin' c

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