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Who misses whom?

So how's that "there's a certain beauty in the humbling nature of a loss" working out for you day two?


Well, you know, I was doing OK until the Papelbon double-fist pump.


I actually felt sorry for the guy.


I mean here he is not only getting the save but also getting the big contract he wanted last year and, as if that wasn't enough, he was able to sit back and laugh at the Sox demise every day last season...


And yet in the ovahwrought histrionics of his double-fist pump, Papelbon revealed to everyone watching how he still wishes he was wearing Red Sox.


Yep, so true. And despite our humiliation last season, he still misses us *way* more than we miss him.


There's only one Boston. There's only one Fenway. There's only one Red Sox Nation.


Pleasant dreams, Jon Jon.



Paps was, is and will continue to be a douche. That is all.

Where's the conspiracy theorists? We have to find out how NESN got deep 6'd.

There's also only one overweight bullpen cop to pat on the ass. I bet Jon misses him terribly.

All that aside he's still got more saves by himself than all the "closers" we've brought in since he left.

I think our problem finding a closer is that there isn't one who knows what he's doing in the front office...


Phillies finished their season last year the same way the Sox did - out of the playoffs. Paps wasn't laughing or pumping his fists...

Yankees 4 game losing streak sure takes the sting out of last night. Have to say, I am enjoying the hell out of this team. I realize my bar was low set after Veet, but so far, so fun! Pretty sure we will regress to the mean, but I don't expect that to dampen my spirit much.

Natalie, I was thinking that same thing to myself last night. Even in the losses, I'm enjoynig listening to the games again. It's astounding how one freaking guy (BV) could take so much air out of a fan base. Win or lose, I can cheer for this team (but winning is more fun than losing).

There are Pittsburgh bars that are refusing to sell Sam Adams and any other Boston area beers during the Eastern Conference Finals.

I heard there are Boston bars making the same claim about Pittsburgh beers...but then again there are no Pittsburgh beers worth selling anywhere let alone Boston.

see e.g Yuengling, Iron City.


Yuengling is from Pottersville...which is closer to Philly than Pittsburgh.

Is Iron City even allowed to be called beer?

Compared to IC light, barely...
Rolling Rock sold it's soul long ago.
PNC Park has craft beers including some you'd swear were made in some guy's bath tub. But, then there's Straub's, not worth $8.25, but OK. Have it at Blair County Ballpark, Altoona. It's only $4.75 there.

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