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Turning to Lisa

[The day job has me chewing on tinfoil, so I'm handing you over to Lisa the Temp — h.b.]

Lisa the Temp:
Oh, I know that's not a frown I'm seeing, right, peeps?


Lisa the Temp:
You need to be happy to see Lisa.


Lisa the Temp:
Did you know that I occasionally do temp work for the IRS, peeps?


Lisa the Temp:
That's right. And that sure is a real purty 1040 you got there...


Lisa the Temp:
It'd be a shame if anything happened to it.


Lisa the Temp:
Yes, indeed, it would be a real shame.



Ah, the regime has Lisa on our cases! The IRS must be in 100% CYA mode.
I cling to this: 7.0 IP 8H 2 R/E 0 BB! 5K 2.72 ERA. All we know when you need your win of the week Lestah gets it done.

Please, Lisa, don't mark my return for a Fraudit. I swear that $50,000 donation to the Gimme Fund is legit.

Oh, that Moan-ah Lisa!

I'd love a look at your 2106 Form. (You accountants out there may get the reference.)

something tells me Lisa uses the 1040EZ form

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