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Tune in. Turn on.

Hello, this is the electric company, is your refrigerator running?


Yeah, well, then you bettah send Jacoby Ellsbury to chase it.


Seriously. The Phillies couldn't do anything to stop him.


If the game hadn't ended, Ellsbury would have been in control of Paris by the morning.


It's gotten to the point where I look forward to every game just because you nevah know what's going to happen.


After last year, who would have imagined Red Sox = Must See TV.



I love the big FU threw at the Phillies by stealing 2nd and 3rd immediately after they drilled him in the back with a fastball.

I enjoyed watching him steal as much as anyone- especially after he was HBP- but the fact remains: the end result of his 5 SBs was ZERO runs. So does it really help?? Yes it helps throw the pitcher out of his rhythm, but the same can be said of the batter, so I think in the end it's a wash. Stealing bags just for the sake of the steal is overrated

If he continues to succeed at a 90% rate on steals we will score more over a season than we would without the steals. You can't draw a conclusion on a sample size of one game.

Hey LC,do you have Sir Walter Raleigh in a can?? Thought you'd remember that ;O

Advancing into scoring position, or sac fly position, is hugely important. That Ellsbury didn't score after a steal last night is an indictment of the hitters following him, not of the steals themselves.

Wasn't it just days ago that we were all wondering what was wrong with Ells and whether or not to drop him in the order? Guess those talks are on hold for now.

Let's get BV on the blower and ask what should be done with Ellsbury's contract.

Then do the other thing.

Prince Albert in a can?

Barking Dog pipe tobacco?

I think Aceves should be called back to pitch BP before every game just to hit Ells.

Boras will tweak an extra 2 mil per year on those 5 steals.

I would be happier if they could drive in a higher percentage of their base runners, not just Ellsbury. But, the home run drought is of concern, but if Pedey and/or Papi get him in, fine.
It is HOT in Mudville, so the whiskey shall rest in the cabinet and the Meyer's 125 is in the fridge, raising the level of that normally sleazy appliance! Or not.

I am particularly enjoying the rather frequent references from all corners about the details of everything wrong with the bv regime. Last night's episode touched on why one might want a good relationship with one's bench coach and staff. That, along with the Ells embarassing the pitcher's inability to stop a runner was great stuff. Especially given one of my great friends in life is a NJ born screaming Phil's fan whjo got to see his team lose again to those fucking redsox. Damn what a diff a few months make in the life of a Sox fan.

I guess my point, and Bob sort of played into my premise, is that he has the 2-3-4 hitters behind him, which theoretically are the best there are on the team. Yet he didn't score. If the "Giant part of the order" is waiting a couple of pitches for him to steal, they are out of their rhythm as well. Would the results have been better if the best hitters only had to focus on hitting, rather than accommodating JE padding his stats?

Don't get me wrong- a well-placed steal is a powerful tool (see Roberts, D.), but what happens when he wrenches an ankle on a slide, or the SS lands on top of him and sends him to the DL for 3 months over an otherwise meaningless steal??

That being said, I wish we had a catcher who could actually throw someone out, too

RIP Josh Beckett's pitching career?

Numb fingers?

The numbness traveled up from his nuts.

Well, since Memorial Day has come and gone, I get to leave at 4:00 every Friday until Labor Day. Whic\h seems great until you realize it wasn't that long ago that ad agencies closed every Friday during summer.

But, beggars can't be choosers. Smelly and aggressive, yes. Choosers, no.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Go Bruins!

Aw poor Redass,a little fried chicken and beer should fix him right up.

I got blocked again - here's a potential double post:

Buckner may have a point:



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