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Shooting blanks

Well, this isn't what I had in mind to yak about on Monday— the first 3-game losing streak of the season.


Memo to the Red Sox offense: It's Texas. You're allowed to carry your weapons.


Maybe Wayne LaPierre can throw out the first pitch for the staht of tonight's homestand.


With a bazooka.



A three game sweep at Texas? No big woop. Happens when you hit two good starters in Holland and Darvish.
Ifoundthatagrenadelauncherwasmyweaponofchoiceeasytosetupeasytorunwith-Hunter S. Thompson

(In best Seinfeld to Newman voice): Beltre!

::shrug:: I'm finding that when I consider my pre-season expectations for this team and their current record of 20-11 I have have very little to complain about. :)

They always struggle in TX. No reason to expect any difference this year.

I have 2 tix (RF box) to tomorrow's game if any of you regular creeps is interested. I can't use them so you're welcome to them. Buy me a beer sometime. [email protected]

"You're allowed to carry your weapons."

Good one, h.b. Semi-skirted the whole gun control thingy while consistently delivering the guffaws. Thanks!

The day after the Celtics won game 5 in MS Garden, the Bruins won game one and the Red Sox smacked Toronto at the Stupid Dome, I listened from afar to that sequence of tossers on WEEI gloating and carrying on like the no Boston team would ever lose again. It reminded me of the week before the AFC Championship Game - there was simply no way that Baltimore could beat the Patriots. No way. The Patriots had 'weapons'; the Patriots had BRADY. Ray Lewis was old, and a murderer to boot. The Ravens' defence was old and stupid. The Patriots had a coach that made Vince Lombardi look like, I dunno, the fat fuck from the Jets. On and on and on they went. The same last week - the Bruins have 'flicked the switch'; the Knicks are chokers, 'Mello is a a fraud, the starting rotation is the finest in the majors. Well, thought I to myself, these buffoons do not learn. Pride preceedeth the fall, thought I to myself, thought I.

Regrettably I was correct.


(rant over.)


The Hanrahan signing is starting to make the Gag-me signing look good...

Still the BRIB,think I ;D

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