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Serve chilled

Welcome to another edition of the so far consecutive run of "above .500 Friday."




Well, is there more?


Nah, that's really all I've got.


Sometimes that's enough.


Sometimes it has to be.


When life hands you lemons...


Make Limoncello.





hey at least we had a couple happy endings lasnite...

Two things we do not want to be trying to do these days.
1.) Being a closer for the Sox. (Replacing playing third for the Sox)
2.) Being a left defenceman for the B's.

Hey, does anybody know why Middlebrooks (Middlebrooksrobinson?) pointed at his neck after arriving safely at second base in the ninth last night?

I thought he pointed at his shoulder, as to say I got this one - I carried the team, etc.

No, he has a goiter, and was saying, "That's how the Mahatma does it."

Mahatma Kane Jeeves ;D

Holy crap, where do my Rangers go to get a Chara? That guy is incredible.

ah, yah, good, I guess.


When life hands you Limoncello call up Danny DeVito.

One sec, ponch, I'll Czech in the back.

PS - Yes, I know he's Slovak but that's not as funny.

Speaking of the Rangers' defense, Marchand was running rings around them, logically.

Ponch, not sure where you get a Chara but you can have Jagr for nothing. Why that guy is playing a regular shift is beyond me. He is not even a shadow of his former self.

Actually, I just found a pic of Jagr's shadow:


Hey, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

What time Monday??-5 past Lundqvist!! ;O

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