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Out for routine maintenance

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I've got one of my semi-annually fasting, draw blood, discuss my amazing lipids with the doc and then go on my merry way days today.

I mean a guy's gotta try to stay one step ahead of the coming death panels, after all.

But all this has jacked up my normal morning routine, so no strip until tomorrow.



I wonder what a death panel in this creepy comic would look like? Chm. Veet, you have the floor.


Yeah, all too soon we'll be doing Cuban style health care, where the Doctors are mere employees and we STILL have to wait hours to see them.
Some things improve, though. Clay Buchholz: 7.0IP/2H/0R/3BB/8K/PC 101, 66 Strikes! That's improvement!

Whenever my doc checks my cholesterol, he always looks me up and down, then says, "You don't deserve a reading this good."

At my last physical my GP said, "You're disgustingly healthy. Still, you're the right age for a colonoscopy."

At this stage of my life...I look forward to turning my head and coughing...

I have a spreadsheet with blood work results going back to 1989. Anyone else this obsessive?

In different ways. I turn off the faucet in the bathroom exactly 3 times, then 2 times, then 1 time. Every time before I leave the room. And that's just the beginning of the weirdness.

Bet you don't use exactly 4 squares of TP (not me,someone I know)

No,I don't count the squares. But I do triple check that the roll has exactly 3 inches of overhand before I leave the bathroom.

Some people DON'T count squares?

The little patterns "sewn" into the tp, yes. Squares, no.

I can't spare a square.

Oh, I think there'll be a strip today. It'll just end with "now bend over and cough for me, Mr. b.".

I've never had the combination of "bend over" and "cough." The cough instruction usually comes with the doc's fingers on my, uh, Arroyo sack. The "bend over" is accompanied by the snap of a latex glove.

The horror, the horror.

40 minutes waiting in a room full of septuagenerian and up for blood draw and piss cup; 45 minutes waiting for doctor. But neither my no-no hole nor my gonads were infringed, so I'm calling it a win.

If you can leave a doctor's office dignity intact you are indeed ahead of the game.
Think Peter Griffin after a prostate exam. Quagmire? GIGGIDY!
Seeing Beckett 0-4 5.24 ERA?Priceless. That team isn't scoring enough runs to cover his arse!

Septuagenerians? Are you sure you weren't in line for the death panel?

I think it might have been the death panel line. I was the youngest one there and I'm long in the tooth.

This string of comments is as good as a strip...well, not that good, HB. Don't mean to knock a guy when he's been roughed up.

Oh, and nice trifecta last night.

My internist specializes in geriatrics. I'm not sure exactly how I ended with him as my primary doctor. He's a great doctor, but I always feel a little weird when I'm the only patient in the place capable of walking without mechanical assistance.

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