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Nice place to be

So turns out Doug here was rathah prescient going into the long weekend in not only announcing with foreknowledge the Bruins' victory in Game 5 but also the the Sox 4 game win streak.


Chronic. Is there anything it can't do?!


I genuflect in observance of your appreciation.


But truth be told, even the unbound powah of the hydro skunk has its limitations...


Seriously, and even a mind bent Nate Silvah couldn't have predicted Aceves coming in from triple-A and shutting the door.


Oh, and hello, first place, nice to see again.


First place and tied for the best record in the AL on the morning aftah Labah Day weekend? Unbelievable.



Damn, I hate to be picky, but I DO WISH it were LABAH Day.

I don't know if we should tell Doug, but whatever has him thinking that could have some recreational use.
A gift for long suffering Sawx fans in the New York market: Yes, a Don and Jerry fix, thanks to MLB Network for that.

Hearing my 3-year-old godson yell "Wed Sox win!" was worth the exhaustion of having about 25 kids chase me around all day long. (No, I'm not a priest, so enough with the veil thoughts.)

Ellsbury finely perked up, and if he continues the upcoming tough month/schedule looks beatable. If not, I can't bear to watch!

sorry, not buying it. no, I'm sorry.

Pens series should be epic. Crosby is v.good.


Bears eat penguins.

Bruins in 6.


I had no electricity or cell phone service all weekend - so the win streak was a pleasant surprise when I got back home late Sunday afternoon.

I'm pleasantly surprised now, but I just hope we don't end up with a repeat of Dan Duquette's "more days in first place" press conference at the end of the season.

C2C in UK. Taking orders for Liverpool pink hats.

What a load of bollocks:


It's OK SDU. I'm still #1 in the eyes of my RealDoll and that's really all that matters.

I don't know Bob,I'm kind of partial to the Phillies Ballgirls ;D

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