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More steady than spectacular

So our government is corrupt.


Nature continues to kick our collective asses arbitrarily and unexpectedly.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Yeah, but Bruins tonight.


Exactly. Give me your Tuukka Rask special, Arturo.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
One grilled makkara with mustard coming up.



That Makkara looks like it has some veal in it. Perfect choice for the youngsters on defense.

Make that two, Arturo! Breakfast of Champions, right there. Now for a cappuccino, dark chocolate, extra cream!
The images of the two mile wide tornados remind us how small we are, in the overall scheme on this rock between Venus and Mars.

Wow,Tuuka-How'd you like to see that angry?? ;D

I would prefer the extra-large Tuukka 5-Hole special, please.

I prefer our forwards stop giving away the puck at their own blue line.

Makkara Skutaroo, how we miss you.

Scooby Doo-Where are you??

"Within Finland, makkara is sometimes laughingly referred to as a vegetable." I love that.

All Star ballots are out.

There was a time when I blindly voted for Red Sox players. Now, knowing better, I think which ones need the time off, and who should be made to go and lose two travel days, wearing them down for September. Just saying.

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