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May Day (but not mayday)

I empathize with Lestah. We all know what it's like to have one of those days where nothing feels right and it just becomes one long grind.


Days? I have weeks like that.


Yeah, but we watch sports specifically to be taken out of the realm of the ordinary.


Not exactly— we watch sports *in the hopes of* achieving the autotelic moment, but it is not a guarantee.


So they finish April at 18-8, just 1 win shy of the franchise record for the month.


On the still brilliantly bright side of things, if you'd told me on April 1st that the Red Sox would finish April tied for the club records for wins in the cruelest month, I'd have worked tirelessly to track down a clone cutting from the mothah of that happy hydro you'd been smoking.


Here's to a happy May.


May your poles be erect and venerated.



They still almost won that game. They have more fighting spirit in their erect May Day poles than last year's team had in their entire body politic.

"Adjective, Philosophy - (of an entity or event) having within itself the purpose of its existence or happening."

Man, the shit you come across by lurking on this site... I don't even understand the definition, let alone the actual word...

Happy May Day everybody. Does anyone else out there remember leaving little baskets of candy on friends' front doors on May Day when you were a kid, or was that just a Scandihoovian thing we did in the Dakotas? (Or a false memory from the Happy Hydro?)

@Rob, I first read the word as autoerotic. Shows you where my mind is, and where I expected hb to go. Sort of fits with the erect pole thing though :)

They're tooting MY flute.

Comrades! Today let us celebrate the day where we march down the street and tie up traffic, all for the cause of the (Nation).

I remember the last time hb used autotelic, because I thought it was dirty (a synonym of onanism or something) and had to look it up. Seeing it again made me smile. As for the final frame, I have no pole to be erect and venerated; there's nothing majestically out-thrusting about my ladyparts that lead to great sports metaphors. It's no fair! :)

I think the said lady parts are symbolized by home plate.

But that makes us so PASSIVE, hb. I have actively contributory ladyparts, in life and in this metaphor!

But remember, Nat: Home plate is what Veritek squatted behind.

Oh, Bob, thank you for the reminder. BRB, got, uh, something to do....

Ah, May Day, such memories... Actually, I don't think I had ever heard of it until I arrived in northern Bavaria late in April, about a decade before the walls came down. Seems the spooks thought commie May Day celebrations might be used to cover movement of the Soviet hordes westward, so we spent May Day on high alert. Life was so much simpler when you could see your enemy coming with long columns of T72's, versus some idiots with pressure cookers in thier backpacks. Much more dangerous, but simpler.

June Swoon?

FWIW. today is also Lei Day in Hawaii (see today's NYT crossword). I know, low hanging fruit for punsters.

Who knew?

Christ, Nat. I'm blushing teal over heah...

Happy hydro, erect poles, 18 wins!

I don't want to dick the mood but I can't actually recall the last time I saw lester pitch a good game. He is always not feelingrightgrindingitoutbarelymakingitthru6. I could probably live with his performance if he would just come up with a larger gallery of excuses.

Seems Lester needs 'Tek almost as much as Nat...

Wow, this is interesting:


Nat,you'll always be venerated by us ;)

Evidently, three college students. (My guess is they got heard "wanna do a bong hit" when the stoner terrorist said "bomb hit.")

Beers before bombs? Bombs before beers?

I think we should embrace the Jonathan Coulton view of the 1st of May.

(not even remotely SFW)

Someone has already updated the Wikipedia site on the marathon bombings regarding the three arrests. Amazing world we live in.

A pole is for the airing of the grievances! Followed by the test of strength...

You could say that Red Sox have gained the pole position.

Steve, sounds like something from Benioff's "City of Thieves." So, here's a small Jamison to contributory lady parts and 18 wins! I'm feelin' Jeff a bit-- Lester's frown in between innings had 2012 written all over it. His next start is a big one for me.

Bruins, Celtics, 'Sawx. Frabjous day.

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