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Let the summer begin

I'm happy for Francona. Love the guy.


I'm happy that John Farrell is our current skippah.


And I'm friggin ecstatic that the A.D. of Sacred Heart College is *not* the managah.


Ain't that the truth.


Meanwhile, long weekend and the unofficial staht to summah.


I'm going to inhale heroic quantities of skunk weed, get ferocious munchies and eat a gallon of potato salad while blissfully watching the Bruins finish things off.


And no need to reverse gooch it. That *is* gonna happen.


Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, all, see you back here on Tuesday. –H.B.


B's gave that game away last night and Dumpster has been generally awful his past few starts but I too was happy to see Tito get a great reception at Fenway. Enjoy the long weekend all and be safe!!

Here's hoping they have gotten the dreck out. You could apply it to the Sox and the Bruins.
OK, the tribute to Tito was a bit over the top, and not necessary, as we gave him the only tribute required.
Mixing Potato Salad and junkweed? NEVER! Mix it with a very slowly smoked brisket, on French bread, lots of mustard and a large bag of potato chips. Finally, a cold beer of thy choice.

I hope Tito was nice enough to give Farrell some of his pain killers after that wipeout last night.

(Hey, don't judge.)

I'm headed to the mountains - 2 days with no electricity and no cell phone service. I'd like it a little warmer at night for tent camping, but we'll survive.

Just remember Chris,Dont...Poke...The Bear. ;D

Good potatoe salad works. The kind with less onion, celery, and vinegar and more egg and cheese. A gallon indeed. Other gluttonous items:

Peanut butter and cheese wiz on a cracker. Holy..

Fried chicken skins. Just the skin.

Cracklins. Heh the autocorrect tried to turn that into crack line.

Homegrown tomatoes, bacon, and mayonnaise in a pile.

This is not a health food list.

"Homegrown tomatoes, bacon, and mayonnaise in a pile."

Nectar of the gods!

Ya, like looking forward to opening day, The first BLT of the summer with a proper tomato... Uh, excuse me for a moment. I need a moment by myself.

I won't eat store-bought mayo. Not because I'm a snob, but because the consistency freaks me out. So, so...pus-like. (And yes, I did type "pussy" first.)

I'll make my own mayo though.

"Homegrown tomatoes, bacon, and mayonnaise in a pile."

Dee-lish! Can I offer an up-sell improvement? Instead of regular bacon, crisp-fry a half pound of extra thin-sliced prosciutto.

Twice the price of bacon, but you'll thank me later. Better than the crack line -- Promise. :-D

"crisp-fry a half pound of extra thin-sliced prosciutto"

holy shit, I'm drooling. this thread is NSFW. tough to tell the boss why I need a new keyboard.

Half a pound? That's half a sandwich.

Currently freezing my derriere off on the Coast-to-Coast walk.

Are you in Baja?

Ok, im back from my moment. But y'all has made me slobber my shirt now. Im going full monty with bacon AND prosciutto. Ahh, the fantasies of middle age are a thing to behold.

awesome. have a nice day.


Getting out early today. At least I think that's what "Tell that asshole Bob to get out of here" means.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. Oh, I mean Tuesday.

Welcome back,Paps.Enjoy your stay-just not too much ;D

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