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It's not a pie.

For those of you scoring at home, the Red Sox have lost three straight, six of seven, and nine of their last 11 games.


And they are 14 of their last 83 (.169) in clutch situations over the last 11 games.


On the bright side, if they continue to play like they are disabled, it looks like they can find work helping rich people cut in line at Disney come Octobah.


Despite all that, it's *still* bettah than life undah Bobby V.


Yeah, but in the same way that a repackaged cake from Amy's Baking Company Boutique & Bistro is bettah than no cake at all.


Speaking of, anyone up for lunch at the Pahkah House? The Boston Cream is devine.


Oh, my ganache! I just snapped my lap band.



Those two whackjobs still ain't as crazy or disruptive as Bobby V. (Perhaps more entertaining though...)

Wonder if they repackage BV's wraps?

I saw that Amy's Baking Company place on Kitchen Nightmares. The husband and wife are certifiably crazy. I mean, just wacko. The woman reminds me of "Toby" (she was the woman who heckled Jerry and then got heckled back by him).


Chris Christie...paging Chris Christie...

Jebus H. Chris Christie, I can't post a link for crap lately. Toby. On Seinfeld. Reminds me of Amy of Amy's Baking Company.


After reading your first comment I was like "Who the fuck would heckle the Rem Dawg?"

Well, Kirk Minihane does.

Those Manhattan moms are probalby married to former UCLA football players...


When I hear "Buenos Noches, Amigos", from the Rem Dawg I'm in a better mood than Gordon Ramsey's stooges, (which BTW are plastic bananas) ever could be IF they were real.

So that's what happened to Ali Assa-Seen ;D

How does the Onion stay in business with asshats like these walking around in real life?

How is the Trop qualified as a major league ballpark?

What did they do with AJ's ta-tas?

Need to know.

//What did they do with AJ's ta-tas?//

Somewhere there's a RealDoll that's a lot more real than the others.

Ok, things are shaping up.

Ok, things are shaping up.

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