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It's an antichthon seen with an asquint

This is worth repeating: The Red Sox are 9-1 when Buchholz stahts.


He has gone at least 7 innings 9 times.


And dude makes it look so easy.


A four-seam fastball, a sinking two-seam fastball, a cuttah, a split-finger fastball, a changeup and a curveball...


Talk about arrows in one's quivah.


It's like Farrell says, "No one can sit on any one pitch in a given count."


One game at a time, guy, one game at a time.



The wife, who does not gamble, offered me a bet for tonight's Rangers/Bruins game. Loser has to be the beer-fetching bitch when we venture up to Fenway on the 9th. Somehow I feel I'm going to get to know the steps in the bleachers very well.

The Sox look like a fairly quiet team personality-wise, notwithstanding Ortiz & Pedroia. Maybe they don't like the Fenway pressure so much. Kinda need a swagger to play in Boston these days--visiting teams get up for Boston plus the fan & media crush. Contenders? Only if they can play well at home, too.

I think they'll be within shouting distance all season long. I just hope they don't lose their voice in September.

Bob's fears are not irrationally founded.
The Bruins are likely to go into a stupor. How long they remain there is any one's guess.
The Pats are done (or nearly so) with their OTA's. What should the over under be on player arrests between now and camp in August? 10.5.
Will Doc walk away from the C's and will we ever know one way or another.
Discuss amongst yourselves.

Beat Texas a few times and we can talk about being contenders. They have not been competitive against that club for years.

I'm taking this season one game at a time. Last season burned a few too many nose hairs for me to think about the post-season in May.

It's an extremely evenly matched division. That's how the Yankees managed first place with all the injuries. Which ever team is hot at the moment is going to look like a contender. It's quite possible that which ever team has the last hot streak of the season wins the AL East.

I think the Skanks will tank when they get all their injured players back. Mainly because they're not as good as the players in there now. Jeter has as much range as a sharecropper, Texiera has become a .250 hitter with .330 obp, and A-Fraud? Unless he's found some new, undetectable juice, he's just bad.

"as much range as a sharecropper" - THAT is awesome, and will now become part of my lexicon. Also: short of setting fire to some babies on home plate, there is not much the Sox could do this season that would dampen my enjoyment. After Veet, I'm playing with house money. That said, I would put modest money on them being contenders through the season. Like maybe a dollar?

The division has too much parity for any team to *not* be a contender. Any AL East team (except maybe Toronto) will be able to put themselves in the mix with a 6-game win streak pretty much any time throughout the season.

When the going get tough, the tough turn pro. -HST

Wait what?
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"-HST


2 shots Wild Turkey
1 shot mint extract
Need I say more?

One more step, cmdrflake:


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