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Hot start

Well, Dempstah looked good.


And how about Haranhan shutting it down.


Seriously, if they keep this up, they're gonna melt the friggin polah ice caps.


Which is going to make it coldah! Or it's going to make it hottah.


But eithah way the Fucking Polah Ice Caps Are Melting! Dont' just stand there, Panic!



Well, there has been a change in the climate of the Red Sox clubhouse. Does this mean Al Gore will be producing the 2013 highlight film?

Wraps all around! Too soon?

Be funny to have some cold-weather ponchos that looked like tortillas.

In a way...you could say that Bobby Valentine turned this team around.

By heightening the free fall last season, he made such a dire situation out of attendance, attention, and general standings with the fans that J.Henry and team HAD to do something about it to get back to their pre-Valentine form at a minimum...and all the way back to 2004 levels of winning and team spirit if they could to recover from the damages left by Bobby V!

Imagine if they'd gotten some unknown quantity...some rookie from the farm system management who they wanted to "cultivate" as the next long-term manager. They wouldn't feel comfortable just dumping him after a bad year like they did with Bobby.

All hail, Bobby Valentine! Savior of the Red Sox! Only by being the worst could we end up with the best!

He saved the team by destroying the team. He was like a controlled burn, and Fenway was his forest.

BTW, I don't believe that crap for a second. Bobby V. was the closest thing I've ever seen to humanized feces.

Bobby V as Ben Tre, redux?

While I don't doubt the data (at least since we started getting it from satelites) I am very leery of the cause and effect arguments for global warming. I'm very skeptical of any theory that posits one thing, and when the exact opposite occurs, its proponents then claim it is perfectly explained by the theory. OTH, it is time for the Coast Guard to panic. Within a few years the polar route will be a viable shipping lane during the summer, and the USCG has zero capability up there.

Barely humanized...

It's all about the leadership, as Veet will no doubt explain in his book. "Deep Thoughts from Humanized Feces" is a catchy title, no?

Shit, it's been 14 minutes since Hayhurst tweeted anything about Buchholz. I hope he's okay, the talentless hack.

I'm so glad this week is over. Allergies and a bad cold intersected to create a sort of humanized feces (now being displayed as Bobby Valentine at Madame Tussauds).

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

I need to say this: No polar bears have drowned. They went inland and are scaring people who don't expect to see them at this time of year on land.
Likewise, Buchhy is not altering the balls he throws. He actually prefers clean, unmarked ones.
Finally Mudville, USA has been warmer than Dallas! Drier, too.

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