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Gather ye rosebuds

"Hello, yeah, can I speak with the broadside of the bahn? Oh, that's you? OK, good, I just want to say, stay right where you are. You're not in any dangah."


And there goes first place.


Is the bloom off the rose?


Well, let's see.. 3 errahs in the first 17 games. 19 in the 18 games since... I do think this romance is turning sour.


April was like the first few weeks of sordid spring fling... it's all afternoon delights and the sweaty breathlessness of 'can't wait to see you agains'...


But May... ah, well...


Yeah, May has been like finding out your hot, April girlfriend is Jodi Arias.



Welcome back to reality. It waited patiently for us. At least Bobby Veets is not in charge.
Toronto seeks revenge, an' we'll let them have it. Just a hunch.

Jodi Arias? Right now it feels more like the bombers' mom.

"Joan Crawford has risen from the grave"

even after april
by god there's no excuse for may

No... wire... hangers. What's wire hangers doing in this closet when I told you: no wire hangers EVER?

Clay's palms are sweaty, Ross' knees weak, Lackey's heavy
There's Hanrahan on the DL already, Papi's hitting steady
We're nervous, but on the surface we see Farrell's steady
"Boston Strong",
But they keep on forgetting April's gone,
Fenway crowd grows so loud
May opens proud, but the pitchers won't get outs
They're choking now, everybody's joking how
The season's run out, Bailey's up and over, blaow!

PK Subban and Carey Price are on the 12th tee. I'm good.

bwf, dare I say I'm glad we lost the division to Montreal so we didn't have to face that Ottawa buzzsaw in the 1st round?

I'm much preferring our matchup against perennial losers, Toronto, instead.

totally agree, Kaz. Hell I'm glad we missed the NYI too. Looking like Caps or Rangers in round 2, either of which should be entertaining

Are we still going to buds if it's Bruins/Rangers? 'Cuz I like you and all but this is hockey. first we have to get by the Caps and OH NO SOMEONE SNEEZED NEAR OVECHKIN THAT'S A PENALTY

Beer cart has prosciutto pizza today. If I don't get there soon, there'll be nothing but the squeal left.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

ponch, you said his name. That's a penalty.

Hopefully Kaz will have something fun to yak about Monday.

Sorry, late to the party, but don't care, lalalalala. Bobby Veet is gone, we expected mediocrity due to lack of signings and aging, and they are still outperforming. I have modest expectations- namely, I just want to love them again and see some chemistry- and they have been accomplished. Go Sox! (I may or may not be in the bus bourbon and weed stash).

Kaz, BWF, Ponch - gotta close out the pesky, plurally challenged LeaFs first (pulling on child's ear - more than one leaf is .... VES).

I don't know what your sign was Kaz,but I don't think it worked ;D

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