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Dixie Lee

Damn you, Cliff Lee. You ruined my white pants aftah Memorial Day day.


You've got to tip your cap to him, though.


I mean dude threw 95 pitches in 8 innings of work and issued no walks.


Yeah, it's like that Flannery O'Conner quote about Faulkner: "Best not get your little wagon caught on the tracks when the Dixie Express comes roaring through."


Absolutely. And therein lies one of the essential beautiful qualities of baseball. No mattah how good your club is, they're going to get beat and it's going to happen a lot.


It humbles you. And reminds you that life is a series of peaks and valleys.


Yeah, but let me tell you something, witty Wittgenstein, that's a whole lot easiah philosophized ovah when you're 32-21 in 1st place rathan than 21-32 in last place.


Fuck yeah it is.



Yeah, even in a very good year, a MLB team is going to lose 60 games. In other words, more games than Bill Belichick has lost in 13 years in New England.

I'ma actually looking forward to Lackey pitching. We'll see how long it lasts.

How Long is a Chinese name.

Cliff Lee was at his best, and no one can beat him or Jon Lester or Clay Buchholz, when they are on. It's when they aren't that it is fun.
The number guys dictated Lee being pulled, but Papi almost took Paps out of the house, win or lose THAT would have been fun, baby!
The trash would still be flyin'!

At least Mo Rivera blew a save for the MFYs to keep our boys on top for another day.

I am not a fan of these made up Bud Selig interleague rivalries. The unbalanced IL schedule is not fair. Go Sox!

When Cliff Lee is on his game, Charlie Manuel can shift into automatic. Lee for 8 and Pap for one, as long as Pap complies that is.

managed to catch the bottom of the 9th in Citishea. Everything Rivera threw was flat and straight as an arrow. I hope that's the new normal as opposed to a one-night aberration, but any time the Mets can hang a loss on the MFY is a good time. And yes, my wife is still breaking my stones about the Bruins. Wore her Chara jersey today (that I bought her!).

The Rangers fired Cheese

actually, the Red Sox aren't that good.


in spite of the opinion of hb's real doll, I still think this is bollocks (apologies if this is a double post but I got block earlier):


HB's RealDoll can only make choking sounds, so it's unlikely she had a real opinion on this.

Cream City Cables? Really?

Ahhhh, there's reading the brilliant cartoon, and then finding the golden nuggets from lc.

This creepy strip isn't hosted on mlblogs.com and thus can't be on that list.

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