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Coming up big

Well, that took a lot out of me.


Yeah, aftah getting swept in Texas this game already had a "need it" vibe about it, but as it went into extras it went exponentially toward the "must win" zone.


Seriously, if it weren't for Drew, the Red Sox would totally be ruinin' my primavera.


That homah was huge.


Are you kidding me? That homah was biggah than a preggahs Kim Kardashian stuffed into size too small leotahd.


At an all you can eat buffet.


Hosted by Chris Christie.



Oh. I declare!
I do not want to be around when a Kardashian's tights decide to split. Kimm looks like she ought to be searched by the looks of the less revolting K. girl. Brings back memories of certain Red Sox players when the team got into double knits. Think Fred Lynn at one end and Zip at the other.

I thought Drew's single in the fifth to score Nava was even bigger - we were 0 for 5 with RISP in the game, after going 1 for 16 with RISP in Texas. We needed someone to step up to break the schnied, and Drew was the man last night.

Dempster has to go deep into tonight's game. I would guess he's warmed up, since they had him up in the bullpen last night.

went to bed in the 8th. good call.


I thought Christie had lap-band surgery??

"Food,glorious food..." ;O

It's Koji time, bitches!

He did, Harwich. They had to cut Christie out of his belt one time...or what he calls his "lap band" since belts aren't sold that large.

Christie's lap band doesn't appear to be working. Guess that happens to RINOs.

Ba-doom!! tssss ;D

Anyone else remember Jamar Sans-A-Belt slacks? You have to be old enough to have seen SNL before it was SNL. For fun Why did NBC not use the Saturday Night Live name the first few years? Bet one of us creepy people recalls. The 5th amendment no barrier...

Please let Christie's lap band work and please GET HIM OUT OF MY STATE.

I love me a broken schneid...


Commander -- Howard Cosell was to blame, right?

Rob in CT is the winner! THAT Saturday Night Live was nowhere as good as NBC's show was. Howard thought he could be the next Ed Sullivan. Younger creeps, ask your grandparents about him ;-)!

*** Update/Notice ***

I'm going to be on Pacific time for work the rest of the week, so the posting schedule may get jacked and/or interrupted Weds, Thurs, and Friday.

Heh. At least you'll get to see all of the extra inning games and still get a full night's sleep, h.b.

Safe Travels.

Remember to fasten your Lap(band)belt ;D

Invite is still open HB. Got some of the best beer & wine in the world right here in good ole Sonoma County - just can't get foie gras...and, the lap band is not included. Promise not to reveal your identity.

Just woke up to the news that we lost - which seems like an odd occurrence these days- but also to the news of what happened to J.A. Happ. Hope he's okay. Never something you want to see.

I was at the bar at Anthony's Pier 4 the night Clement caught that line drive in the head There was this collective whoosh of air from the crowd watching. Sickening.

Bryce Florie getting nailed remains one of the worst things I've ever seen in sports. The sound that ball made hitting him still makes me nauseous.

@soxinsix I was just going to say the same thing! Bryce Florie was the worst. Horrifying. Johnny Damon's collision was also pretty awful.

Seems like the Sox are falling back to earth.

I feel great knowing the difference between falling back to earth and digging out of a hole.

Oh, no Mr. Peabody, we've hit a time warp! It's September 2011 again!

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