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All the leaves are blue, and the birds are jays

Your omniscient author in absentia:
OK, this has been one of those mornings...

On top of that, after the Sox and the Bruins this weekend, I'm suffering from a wicked case of Torontorosis.

Let's pick this up tomorrow.



So I guess we aren't going to have anything fun to yak about on this Monday?

Hey, I get it. There are Mondays and then there are MONDAYS! I wasn't above doing a total bail, but.." It was more fun to torture everyone else, spreading the misery"-Wally (Dilbert).

AND I had to work all weekend. My only joy was having the Sox and Bruins playing in the background. Oh, wait.

Wonder if I gave an Oreo,
To the woeful Red Sox,
How would the story go?

Well, lc certainly seems to have called it when he said BRIB was the inflection point for suck.

Did anyone happen to catch my sign on TV on Sunday?

We went with "Sorry Mom, I had Monster Seats".

I DID see that sign. They immediately cut to a woman crying hysterically.

Apparently Dave Roberts just stole second over at the Gahden.

My Torontorosis all cleared up with a dose of Bergeronium.

What a game! Talk about a range of emotions. Bring on the MFR!!

Do we have any defensemen left?

BTW, nice line, Paul from DC.

No COD,but we DO have something fun to yak about on Tuesday :D

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