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Starting out one-sided

I know a win on Opening Day against the Yankees counts no more or no less than a win in August against Kansas City, but still...


I mean considering that last year with Valentine at the helm we more or less went into Game 01 of 162 *already* 10 games undah .500.


Right we're not opening the champagne or anything, but we should still feel entitled to celebrate with a cruller and fresh brewed cup of French roast.


I bet Youkilis' brothah likes the French roast.


What's that? Yeah, seriously, French roast and Red Bull and then he goes all Gordon Ditka Ramsey on the kitchen staff.


Speaking of amped up does an outfield defense of Bradley, Ellsbury, and Victorino all of a sudden make you want to shit bullets or what?


Exactly. My ass is currently banned in New York as a high capacity magazine.


Locked and loaded, MFYs!



1 day in first place in 2013 exceeds the total number of days the Red Sox spent in first place last year.

So they that that going for them.

Waiter,I'll the French Roast with a side order of Sheetrock ;D

After that loss, I bet A-Fraud is shitting gerbils.

... or Centaurs ;O

First day bad-assery. I'll take it.

favorite stat of the game: Joba the Hut's ERA now matches his belt size.

Beardless Youk...

Do you think he kept the clippings? Is it now housed in acetate on his shelf?



I got to listen on my phone. It was so amazingly quiet in the House that Jeter Built. But, a broadcast engineer told me there are places where the "noise" is canned to filter out the stuff the network and it's stations could get fined for.
I like the idea of being in first. It won't last, but there it is. Wana bet the sewers around The House that Jeter built were busy?

Good start by Lestah, decent bullpen work and no Veet in sight. Pretty good day, all in all

Amazing what a difference a professional manager makes!!

Agreed-wraps all around ;D

Shit, now I want a cruller and I live in the land of ,Krispy Effen Kreme.

Told my son the Sox beat the Yankees yesterday and he replied, "Yeah, Mom, I know." Proud moment.

One game, but one good game. Even Sterling's rampant homerism was subdued. I think he knows he's in for a long season.

Wondering if a picture JBJr is replacing The Kid on the mantle of homes across RSN...in between JFK and the Pope (or Sinead)

Good win but the dentist really has the JBJr PR machine rolling hard.

JBJ= Palmetto God of walks

B's get Jagr.

And *THERE'S* the Ditka reference I was looking for.

Day is now complete. Thanks, h.b.

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